November 24

Service Dogs Save The Day!

Service Dogs Save the Day !!!


     Service dogs have done remarkable things, like save humans from avalanches, and help people get around. The people who have service animals, are usually the people who are blind, or if they are paralyzed in parts of their body or if they are disabled somehow. Service dogs can tell if there is danger, and some can turn on, and off the  light . and they can open and close a door.


   But service animals need lots, and lots of training or they will not know how to do their job correctly. And if they do something you want them to do you have to reward them somehow. And if they don’t do something you want them to do just don’t reward them don’t punish them.

Some dogs work for a special service like the F.B.I,police, fire company, or president.


Police dogs do work like smelling in people’s suitcases for hidden weapons, and catching criminals . Other dogs help fire companies by finding people who didn’t get out of houses that are burning. Some dogs may work for the president’s secret service ,but sadly it’s a secret. Some dogs also save people from avalanches, and from cave fall ins.


     Also service dogs can sniff stuff from real far away and they will do lots of things for you. They will bark at cars, and they will also stop you when you’re walking towards a big hole or towards any sort of danger. And police dogs are sometimes called K9 units or in the army. K9 units normally bite anybody they are told to. Here are some types of dogs you will normally find people using as K9 units. German Shepherds even though they sound like sheep dogs they’re not usually sheep dogs. Also Doberman Pinschers can be used as K9 units. Also Belgian Malinois is used as a K9 unit dog.


   But service dogs are more than seeing eye dogs, and K9 dogs. They are also avalanche working dogs. Like her are some mountain dogs, one is the Siberian Husky,  another is the Bernese Mountain Dog, and another mountain dog is named the Greek Shepherd, and there is tons of other mountain dogs. And I bet there is tons more out in the wild scientists haven’t discovered yet. Whenever mountain dogs are called they try to find something the person had they sniff it then they follow the scent. And when they get to the person under the ice, or rock or whatever. The people dig out the person and if he’s alive he’s saved so the dog gets a reward somehow and they live happily ever after , for a little bit of time.    

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3 thoughts on “Service Dogs Save The Day!

  1. burkholdz1q

    Hi Elijah,
    I like that you told me that service dogs can sniff far away. I wished you could had fixed “Dogs can sniff stuff from far away”I wonder if you have a dog?

  2. xiongo8o

    Hi Elijaha,
    I like how you put lots of details about service dogs. I wish you named a certain service dog though.

  3. Kameron

    Service dogs are really cool. We were going to make my dog a service dog but we didn’t want to have to let her go. Have you ever had a service dog?


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