October 14

About Me Page

Hello everyone this is my about me page, and here you’ll see stuff about me and who I am. First of all I really like sports I’m really into them. Especially Soccer, and Football. But mainly soccer even though I have an Eagles blog. And my favorite soccer team is Federacion Colombiana De Futbol. And I really like food, especially the cheesy foods likes pasta, pizza, and macaroni and cheese. And in soccer my favorite position is left forwards. And my favorite food………. I can’t choose, but my favorite foods are in the meat section, cause meat rules!

Let’s Talk About Family

I have one brother, zero sisters, and my brother is five years old. I’m not adopted and have a mom and dad, and they’re not divorced. And my mom is Colombian, and my dad is from the U.S but where he actually is from is Switzerland. So that makes me half Hispanic, and half white. And they are really nice, and my mom makes really good food and we almost all the time when she makes dinner we eat white rice. And I can’t describe it but it’s just so good. It’s like putting a spoonful of heaven into your mouth. And her food is very delicious. And my dad sometimes makes burgers and they’re juicy and made medium-well. But most of the time he doesn’t really cook the burgers we either buy them somewhere or my mom makes them.

And I really like gaming and things like that. Well you can figure out the rest of me by looking at my blog posts! Bye! ????