March 11

My State

Pennsylvania is a very nice state it’s of course where I’m from it is also the home of Philadelphia, Lancaster county, and Pittsburgh. And also home to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Philadelphia Eagles, and other teams. And the state capital is Harrisburg, and the very delicious food here that is only in PA or Pennsylvania mainly in Lancaster county, is LONG JOHNS, the most delicious doughnut around.It’s a doughnut that is very long has delicious cream on the top (edible cream) and has cream inside it’s so DELICIOUS!!!! And Pennsylvania has lots of wildlife and animals, and forests/mountains, and scenic water views basically everywhere. And is the home of Hershey’s chocolate!!!!! And Amish, farms tons of fresh dairy homemade bread, and ice cream basically everything!!! This place is the best, hope you enjoyed and found good information, goodbye!