April 25

A Great Quote by Sally Koch

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” – Sally Koch


  • What does this quote mean to you?

This quote means that every now and then we have opportunities to help others, but that many smaller opportunities to help others happen to us every day around us.

  • How do you help those around you?

Well, there are many ways to help those around you, they aren’t too complicated, and don’t all necessarily require money. Being kind to somebody that is having a bad day is an easy way to help those around you, even if you don’t necessarily like that person. Also, if somebody feels frustrated, sad, mad, just talking to them nicely can be enough. Also, if you see somebody on the street begging for food, or money, buy them a sandwich, some water, and give them some money to buy food and water for the next day.

  • What is a “small opportunity” that you have around you to help someone else that you don’t take advantage of?  Why?

A small opportunity to help somebody might be to be nice to them when they’re frustrated, but you’re mean to them because you might be frustrated yourself.  There are lots of small opportunities that happen to you every day, that you may not take advantage of for many reasons.

This is the end of my blog post, bye!

April 9

The PSSAs are Coming Up Real Soon!

The PSSAs are coming soon! So if you are reading this in a state that isn’t Pennsylvania, or you live in PA but you don’t do a test called the PSSA, let me explain to you what they are. PSSA stands for Pennsylvania System of School Assessment. So you know by what it stands for that it is a test, or an assessment. The PSSA is a state wide test in PA that most schools in PA take that cover English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. (Science is for 4th grade and 8th grade only). The first week of testing is ELA (English Language Arts). Then, the next week is for Mathematics. It covers everything you should’ve learned from the beginning of the school year, until now. You take it from 3rd grade to 8th grade.

So now that I got that part of the blog covered, now on to the real part. My opinion on the PSSAs and overall standardized testing. My opinion on tests and the PSSAs aren’t really great. I understand that the PSSAs are necessary to test all your 6th grade students what they know from the whole school year. But I think they’re boring, and the stories aren’t near interesting. But, the PSSAs also have some perks. Most teachers don’t give away homework during the PSSAs, and no vocab tests. Also, you get lots of goodies and treats from the PSSAs. I think they’re decently hard, but the thing really gets me are the TDAs.(Text Dependent Analysis). They’re not way too hard to answer, but you have to write so much if you get a big one. There are a couple of small ones, but those are only about one or two paragraphs long. I’m not really a fan of most types of tests, but I’m ready for the PSSA!

April 5

The Rose that Grew from Concrete: By Tupac Shakur

“The Rose that Grew from Concrete” by Tupac Shakur
Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature’s law is wrong it
learned to walk without having feet
Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else ever cared.

What is he trying to teach in this poem?

I think what Tupac Shakur is trying to teach in this poem is that a human can do whatever other people think that person cannot do. Like everyone could laugh at you at your dream to become a famous basketball player, but then you someday become a famous basketball player. This person followed his or her dreams, and ignored all the others. Just like the rose grew just from concrete when nobody thought it would survive because every other rose needs soil to grow. So the theme basically is, follow your dreams, no matter what the other people say.

What does the rose symbolize? 

The rose symbolizes a person that nobody thinks can succeed. But the rose (person) proves everyone wrong by proving that by follow his or her dreams, he or she could grow out of concrete by following his or her dreams. (Just like a person that was doubted by everyone, and finally makes it big.)

 What is his tone towards his subject?

His tone towards the subject doesn’t seem way too serious, but not to careless either. It explains that by following your dreams you can do or be anything you want in life. Just like the rose growing out of concrete.

Well that’s it for the blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading!



March 28

Is Rap a Form of Poetry?

Hello, I know I haven’t posted in a REALLY long time. But lets hope I can start posting more often again. So, here we go. Yes, rap definitely is a form of poetry. In poetry you use lots of figurative language, sometimes lots of rhyming words, and much more. You use these things in a poem. Well, rap basically has all the same things. Rap may sound a lot different then when you read a poem. But that’s because of auto-tune, and the way they sing the rap songs. Rap, and poems are basically the same way, they just sound different because the way they sing them. So yes, rap is a form of poetry.

February 14


Hello everyone, today’s blog post is going to be about economics. Economics is an interesting thing to talk about, and it’s all around you everyday. In today’s blog post I’m going to be talking about what I learned about economics, and what we’re doing inside the classroom to learn about.

So first, what I know about goods.  Goods are items that a person purchases, usually food or drinks or things that a person needs/wants.  An example of a good might be steak, or potatoes, or something else a person purchases. But there’s something else too, something called a service. A service is a job or something you do for another person and then you get paid for doing it. Like for example if your toilet or sink needs to be repaired, also you either don’t want to do it yourself or you don’t know how to do it yourself you can call a plumber, and you can pay them to do it for you. There are a lot of services nowadays, like getting a haircut or constructing a house. All of those things are jobs/services that you pay money for. Now a different topic, opportunity cost. This one is really easy to explain. So imagine you were deciding between buying carrots for $2.00, or potatoes for $2.00, if you decided to buy the carrots, then the $2.00 for the potatoes was your opportunity cost between the two items. Finally, I’m going to talk about one more thing before the blog post moves on to what we’re doing inside the class about economics. Supply, and demand. This is actually a big thing in our classroom. Supply and demand is how much there is there is too sell, and how many people want it. For example if an item is super popular but there aren’t that many of it. The price is going to be very high. But if the item isn’t really popular, also there are a ton of it, the price isn’t going to be high so people buy it anyway.

Inside of the classroom we have something called a “checkbook” where we earn money from doing things in the class, and we earn a paycheck every other week. We also pay bills, and if we do bad in class we pay money. We bought a car, we’re planning a “vacation” at the end of the year, and we’re doing much more. This helps me learn real life economics because I know what I should spend money on, how I should finance, and much more.

I think when I grow up I may be more in the middle of a saver, and a spender. I really like to buy things, and there are lots of things I really want in life. But I also know that I need to save money if I ever want to get anywhere in life. Saving is a really good thing to do when financing, and I plan on doing a lot of it. But spending will most likely always be a part of me.

Finally, here’s why it is important to save for a rainy day. A “rainy day” is a quote for when a surprise bill or emergency comes up without expected. I think you should always save for a rainy day because you never know what will happen next. Also if you have to call the ambulance or a fire happens, or you need a trip to the doctor because you’re sick. If you don’t have money to do this, then problems may start to arise.

February 2

Memorable Experience

Hello, and welcome to my latest blog post. I know I haven’t posted a blog in more than a month, but I’ll try to get back to my usual schedule of releasing posts. This blog post is about any memorable experiences that I had in summer, or summer camp. I’ve never gone to summer camp before, but I have a TON of experiences from summer, and that’s what the post is going to be about today.

To start off, one of my main summer experiences was basketball. At the beginning of summer vacation in 2017, all I pretty much did all day was play basketball. I would spent almost all day either practicing by myself, or playing with friends. My grandparents from Colombia (the Country in South America, not the county), came over for about two months. So everytime I played outside, they would always be there to watch me. I remember going to new york with them, and we saw a Yankees game,(which went into overtime , so we left early, but they won anyway.) We also went to M&M world, and we even went to central park. All of these experiences were great. The rest of the summer was mainly just lazy, so that’s going to end off this post, goodbye!

December 21

My Favorite Family Member?

]I haven’t really told anybody yet, but I have a little brother. (Dramatic music plays.) I have a small family of four. Me, my little brother, my mom, and finally my dad. I don’t have a step-mom or dad, I just have a regular family. I don’t really have a favorite family member, so I’m just going to say which one I mainly am with, and am with everyday. My little brother.

I have a pretty chill little brother. He can be annoying sometimes, but he’s awesome. I do things with him everyday. In fact, I depend on being with him so much, if I’m not with him for a couple minutes, I start to look for him, until I find him…… It sounds pretty awkward, but it’s true, and the truth is the truth. I also do a ton of things with my brother, like play video games with him, play chess (rarely), and do so many other things with him that the list could be too long for this post.

Well that’s pretty much it for this post, hope you enjoyed reading, goodbye!

December 21

Will a Lady Become The President, Soon?

Hello, welcome to my latest blog post. This post’s question is in the title.

  1. Do you think a woman will be President of the United States in the near future? Support your argument with examples.

Okay, so let’s get started. In the near future, I think past First Lady, Michelle Obama will become the president. I don’t really like to talk about politics that much, because everyone has a huge opinion about them. But I actually like how President Trump is doing, and I  do prefer republicans over democrats. This is just an opinion, don’t go raiding the comments, saying that you hate Donald Trump, because this is just my opinion, and what you say won’t change my opinion. Trump may or may not become the president in the year 2020. He might become the president, and he might not. But if he doesn’t become the president in the year 2020, that’s fine, because I have a backup plan for who I want the president to be. Previous First Lady Michelle Obama. I think she actually will make a good fit to become the president, and she even said she’s running for president in the year 2020. Also, if she loses 2020, I think she’ll run in the year 2024.

First things first, she helped out kids with health problems. You know about the problem with obesity inside of the U.S, well there are many kids that have it. About 1 in 3 kids are obese nowadays. (I got that information from heart.org). Here’s the link to the website where I got the info from. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/HealthyLiving/HealthyKids/ChildhoodObesity/Overweight-in-Children_UCM_304054_Article.jsp#

Anyway, Lady Michelle Obama noticed that many schools were having unhealthy lunches, also that there was a link between child obesity, and school lunches. So she made schools have healthier lunches. All of this started thanks to the Let’s Move program, starting in 2010, urging families to get more time outside, and have healthier school lunches.

Then in the year 2015, Michelle Obama started the Let Girls Learn program. This program urged girls to stay in school, and education all over the world. She helped girls all around the world have a better education, and empowered them. (I got these two paragraphs of information from https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/administration/first-lady-michelle-obama).

Well, this was a bit of a longer post, but I hoped you enjoyed reading it anyway, goodbye!


December 11

Technology I Couldn’t Live Without?

Hello, this another one of my blog posts. Sorry I haven’t been posting in a long time. I’ve just been doing many other things in this time that I’ve missed. So anyway, on to the blog post. This the one of the questions I have to answer for this post.

  1. Is there a machine or a piece of technology you feel as though you couldn’t live without it?  Why?

I am now going to explain what my answer is to that. Computers, and smartphones. I’m now going to explain my answer, because I can live perfectly fine without computers, and smartphones. But here’s the catch. Without computers you can’t safely keep information without somebody being able to steal it. Also, this means no quick research, so you can’t just search online on your smartphone or computer because if they didn’t exist, you would would have to go back to using books for research. Also, credit cards wouldn’t exist because there wouldn’t be a computer to scan your credit card on, so we’d have to go back to the days of always using paper money. Also many people would lose their jobs because there are tons of jobs based on using a computer, like animator, video game designer, green screens, computer designer, coders, and so much more. Also, there are a lot of people that use computers for playing video games, and I’m one of those people. Video games are really entertaining, and without computers/smartphones that wouldn’t be possible. Additionally, without smartphones you wouldn’t be able to call or text anybody by taking it out of your pocket because there would be no smartphones. So you’d have to go back to using an old lumpy computer on a desk. Finally, without computers/smartphones you wouldn’t be able to email, use YouTube, or any sort of social media, because computers wouldn’t exist.

This was a REALLY long answer, but I hope you enjoyed the writing, goodbye!

November 6

Superman or Idol Man?

I came to conclusion many years ago, but I’m going to talk about this today. A hero for anyone is an idol, or someone that you look up to, and you want to be like that person. People like Superman, Aquaman, the Human Torch, and finally Ironman. They are all known because they have “superpowers” and they use them to save people from villains. But, there’s a difference between a “Hero”, and a “Superhero.” Like I said, superheros use “powers” to save the day. But, a real hero is a person you look up to, a person that is your idol. When you were little, your mom was your hero. She was there when you were sad or crying. (This applies to dads too.) Or stepdads or grandmas or anybody out there that cares about you. Maybe when you grow up your idol is a Basketball player or Bill Gates or something. That’s the difference I want everyone in this world to know.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” –  Christopher Reeve


  • What does this quote mean to you?

This quote means to me that a hero is a person that is important to you, because they do things just for you or for many people. Just like Christopher Reeve if a person can use strength to get past obstacles just for you or for many people, that person is your hero.

  • Going back to what we discussed at the beginning of this unit, name two traits a hero should have and why they need those traits.

Two traits a hero should have, and why they need those traits are this.  First, character. In order for a person to be a hero to you, they have to have a good character, and be nice, or someone that is important to you in your life. If a person does not have a good personality or character when they are around you, they aren’t your hero. But, a person you can trust, and look up to, and that you enjoy being with is most likely your hero or idol.

  • Who in your own life do you consider a hero?  Why?

My mom actually. She is always there for me, she isn’t the kind of person that is a know-it-all, because SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING. She always knows how to cheer me up, and she’s always there to congratulate me when I do good. She also knows how make me improve myself if I do bad on something.

  • Name one person from history that has the qualities of a hero?  Why would you pick that person?

One person that has the qualities of a hero from back then was, Franklin Roosevelt, here’s how He led America  through World  War II, and saved everyone from the Holocaust in Germany. He also led America to a better economic state, and won World War II for all of us.