November 19

Let’s See Seals! Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge

Seals are one interesting creature.  People can train them, to do funny nice things. I like seals because they are funny, sometimes cute, and they can learn many things but you need to give them time like dogs. And you have to give them treats or reward them somehow like dogs if they do something you want them to do. They have torpedo heads, and they are divided into three different groups called the eared seal, the earless seal, the harbor seal, and elephant seal, and the walrus. The eared seal is called the eared seal because they have ear flaps that open their ear openings.

Earless seals are named that way they don’t have ear flaps but they do have ears. The largest seal is called the elephant seal and by hearing the name I think I can tell why they are called the elephant seal. The male version of a seal can grow up to 16 feet, and weigh up to 8,800 pounds seals go to special area called rookeries. Walruses are pretty different than seals they they are the only type of seal with tusks. But walruses have something in common with earless seals, and eared seals. Like eared seals, walruses have use their hind flippers too get around some areas. And like earless seals, walruses have a little ear opening but zero outside ears.

One other thing that is interesting about seals is what they eat, but some things they eat you may not like they like to feed on some other marine animals. They have sharp pointed teeth not what you would expect from a seal.They cannot chew food because they don’t have any flat teeth to chew it up just sharp. They swallow the whole fish at once that is definitely not what you would expect from a seal. Some facts and information came from   Cape fur seal Robert Muckley via Compfight  Seal Show 002 @Underwater WorldCreative Commons License Michael Zimmer via Compfight


Other links about seals.

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16 thoughts on “Let’s See Seals! Week 7 Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Dane

    Good Job!! I liked how you gave many details about all the different kinds of seals. I wish you talked more about elephant seals. I wonder what is your favorite kind of seal.

  2. infantewl5

    Great job Elijah I liked it.I liked it because you explained other kinds of Seals.I wish I could go underwater and see a Seal.I wonder if Seals can defend there selves from sharks and others.

  3. forre5yz

    Hey Elijah I loved the video you put in this post ! I also went to the links and that was some pretty cool info. Plus this was very well written. GREAT JOB !

  4. wallacedsf

    Hi Elijah, my name is Joey and i’m in Miss. Hecker’s LA class. I like how you talked so much about seals I can surely tell my friends now a fact or two about seal’s. The one thing I wish you did was write alot more but I know after giving so much information on seals I dont think you have any more information. Great Job I loved it.

    1. zookpe9 (Post author)

      Hello Joey I’m from Mr.Geiman’s ELA thanks for the comment and thanks for the complement and yes this isn’t the best story this was posted in maybe November, or October. But anyways great job.

    1. zookpe9 (Post author)

      Hi Emme thanks for the comment! I have never seen an elephant seal but I have seen a seal before! I just don’t know what type of seal it was maybe it was an elephant seal I don’t know. And if I had a pet seal I would name it Rocky.


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