November 19

About Me

Hello my name is Elijah from the USA Pennsylvania. I really like playing video games, and stuff like that but I don’t spend all day in front of a TV, or a computer I got a life. I also really like playing Basketball that’s my favorite sport. But I don’t really even know any teams from the USA except the Bulls. My favorite Basketball player is Michael Jordan but sadly he retired my second favorite player is Labron James. My favorite USA football team is the     Greenbay Packers but it used to be the Eagles but their not my favorite team anymore. But I still don’t like the Pittsburg stealers, I like the Eagles better than them. My favorite Hockey team is the Philadelphia flyers, and my second favorite Hockey team is the Legends.

My favorite Fifa World Cup team is Columbia. That’s because my mom is from Columbia so I can speak Spanish and if you don’t believe me then well okay. And I really love Philly cheesteaks, steak, pork, ham, bacon, chinese food, empanadas, and much more! I didn’t want to write about even more food I like because the list just goes on, and on, and on! Follow me at

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  1. mastbnb

    Hello my name is Christopher, I like the way you mentioned your favorite teams. I wish you would have said what your favorite baseball team is. Why did you not say the rest of your favorite foods.


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