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How Our Presidency Can Change The USA

   How Our Presidency Can Change The USA


       Presidency is normally a lot of work. But there are some things that is easy in presidency and there are lots of laws you have to make, and enforce. And also you have lots of responsibilities as president. Here is our campaign we promise to make the US healthier, and cleaner. And help a lot more of the poor in the USA and in other countries.


So here is law #1 Eat at least one fruit or veggie a day.

Here is law #2 Charity should be given 10 dollars every other week.


Law #3 Is taxes should only be half of what regular taxes are for 18 year olds ,19 year olds ,and

single parents.


Law #4 taxes should be paid within a month or you will get three warnings then if you do not pay you get higher taxes.


Law #5 all people from other countries coming into the USA get a 30% off discount.


Law #6 All rich people must have solar panels, or have the energy saver lightbulbs.

Law #7 All expensive cars will be 30% off or less. Law

#8 You need to know a little bit of another language to have a job where you talk with other people very often.

Law #9 If you find someone poor in the USA or in another country then you will have to pay them at least 5$.(Or give them some sort of present)

Law #10 All new computers must be 5% off for 3 days then you can put them back to their regular price.  


Law # 11.  All people white or black should be treated the same ,because they can’t choose what color they want to be.They are just born that way.


Law#12 All poor people of America or from another country are given 35% off discounts in things. Like food or clothing.


Law#13 Pretty big companies or stores, must have at least 5 cameras that either record, or set off an alarm. And if you prefer lasers then put at least 25. (All recording cameras must have CLEAR videos


Law#14 During the week of christmas all christmas items must be 50% off. Or you will get highly billed. (And that counts for all toys, or children’s’ consoles.)


Law#15 During summer vacation children should be able to earn money, like a businessman, or a worker lady.(If they work some)


Law#16 All parents should have an HOUR of time to themselves a week. (If veins are popping out of their head… not literally)


Law#17 All kids must have at least a C in most tests in order to pass a class. (You must at least have a D in some tests in order to pass a class IF YOU ARE POOR)


Law#18 All people that have a driver’s licence but forgot to bring it along with them when they are driving and a cop catches them, they have at least a week to show it to the judge then they don’t get a ticket. (Or if you want to get a ticket then tell the cop to give you a ticket),(And IGNORE  this law if you don’t have a licence)

Law#19 All Apple computer users, get a 10% off discount on other Macs, (They get a 10% off discount because apple products are expensive),(This law DOESN’T work with rich

people),(In order to get the discount you must find a way to prove you have a Mac) Note I’m using  a Mac right now to type this entry.


Law#20 Smoking in no smoking areas 5 or more times can get you arrested for 3 weeks, or more. As many years as the judge says.


Law#21 On Cyber Monday ALL online stores must have discounts, or you can get shut down.


And there is all the laws we would make if we were president of the nation, hope you enjoyed the story!    Approved by: Elijah Zook, and Madison Horst

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3 thoughts on “How Our Presidency Can Change The USA

  1. infantewl5

    Great story Eligah It was great.I liked your story because you said everyone must be treated fairly.I wish I could be in your country mostly everything is 35% off that’s AWESOME!!!! I wonder how you came up with the laws?

  2. Danielle

    Hi Elijah,
    This is really interesting. I really like Law#21:On Cyber Monday ALL online stores must have discounts, or you can get shut down. These laws are really creative. I wonder how you came up with them.


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