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Garden Spot High School

Kendra Halpin – EMT Internship

This school year I was given the opportunity to have an internship with the New Holland EMS station. In the second semester, I was able to continue my experiences with the crew. The second semester brought on a new aspect to my internship, however. Although My internship experience for the second semester was abruptly cut…

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Kendra Halpin – Emergency Medical Internship

This Fall, I am participating in an internship with the New Holland Ambulance Association located in New Holland PA. I go to the station twice a week from 8:30-12:00 am. When at the station, I have to opportunity to observe and help with many different duties such as going on calls, team bonding, and daily…

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Mandy Martin – Emergency Medical Internship

My name is Mandy Martin and I have an internship at New Holland EMS in New Holland, Pa. I have the privilege of observing paramedics and EMTs as they go on calls and transports. I am very thankful for this internship because it gives me the opportunity to get medical experience as well as learn…

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