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Mandy Martin – Emergency Medical Internship

My name is Mandy Martin and I have an internship at New Holland EMS in New Holland, Pa. I have the privilege of observing paramedics and EMTs as they go on calls and transports. I am very thankful for this internship because it gives me the opportunity to get medical experience as well as learn a lot about patient care and handling.

When I arrive, I usually discuss with the crew about the events that happened previously that day. Sometimes we check equipment then wait for a call. When we get dispatched, we head to the scene. Depending on the call, procedures and protocol are different. Usually, when we arrive, we question the patient about symptoms and medical history as well as current medications. We then prepare the patient for transport. Depending on the type of situation and the patient’s preference determines which hospital we take them to, usually Ephrata or LGH. During transport, we check the patient’s vitals. One of the reasons I chose this internship is that I have the opportunity to perform these tasks and assist the team in whatever they believe is appropriate. Upon arriving at the hospital, we get the patient situated in the room and inform the nurses about the situation.  Next, we pick up a cover sheet and head back to the station to do a write up about the situation and the components of how it was handled for records.

I have definitely grown from my experiences at my internship. It has given me the ability to view lots of different medical situations and see how they can be best handled. This internship had also given me a better understanding of the way first responders like the police, fire, and EMS work together to stabilize a situation. From my experiences, I have learned a lot more about patient care and handling to ensure everyone stays safe and comfortable. This is very important information to learn so I can correctly assist a patient under my care in the future.

This internship has influenced my career goals in a big way. It has shown me the importance of being trained and prepared to handle situations in the medical field. It has also helped me decide as I pursue a career in the medical field, that I would like a job that has a consistent protocol of situations. I also believe my interests lie in the nursing field. This internship has provided me a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in the medical field which will greatly benefit me in the future.


jhackman • November 26, 2019

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