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Daniel Goldman – Auto Tech – Co-Op

Hello, my name is Daniel Goldman, I am a senior this year and took a opportunity to join the co-op program. I work at Hibishmans Auto. I do Minor work on customer vehicle’s such as oil changes, brakes, tires, and I have started to work on suspension. Working at Hibishmans Auto has expanded my knowledge and skills in automobiles. Doing this has allowing me to work more efficiently and gain a better understanding about what I am doing and how my vehicle works. 

An average day for me at work consists of me entering work and checking my tablet to see what projects I have to work on. After I know what projects I have to work on they are brought in and I am in charge of looking over the vehicle for what may be wrong and creating a report on what I see and taking pictures to show the owner of the vehicle what is going on. I will then continue with what they requested me to work on and make sure everything gets done well and in a timely manner. After I finish the work I send it off to be tested derived and marked as complete for the owner to pick up.

This experience taught me to keep pushing on through and not give up. As cliche as that might sound it is the truth. Working on some projects I have run into problems that might seem like I have completely messed everything up but with some help and the knowledge of others that I work with big problems can be solved with ease. I would also say that I have learned to better assess problems and get a better plan before I head on into the problem at hand and avoid making problems.

My time with Hibishmans auto has been amazing and I could not want anything more out of it. I am very happy that I was given this opportunity to work and finish school at the same time. I would honestly recommend that more people take part in this program not just because I can make money while getting school done but also for what the co-op class has taught me about the real world and how to manage money.


jhackman • January 23, 2023

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