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Alayna Brubaker – Receptionist – Co-Op

I am Alayna Brubaker. I currently work at Hibshman’s Auto Service in East Earl, PA. I work as the front desk receptionist. What I do on day-to-day basis changes depending on what our schedule looks like. Sometimes I’m taking customer vehicles back and pick up our loaner vehicle, or I’m picking up their car and leaving a company vehicle. Sometimes the techs need me to go find a part for the vehicle they are working on. And sometimes, it’s quiet and I just have paperwork that I file.

Currently, I am working on a new position as a service writer at Hibshmans. This position is making up a customer’s bill and ordering and inputting parts that have been received. I also am working on my college classes, so during the day when we don’t have much going on, I’m able to work on school. 

I have grown from this experience by learning new things in the automotive industry and the office setting. This job experience has influenced my future career goals by giving me new access to what an administrative position is like. I am currently pursuing my associates degree in business at HACC. 

I hope that everything I have learned from being in the office will help me succeed in my business program for school. Because of this CO-OP experience, I have a better understanding of office life and feel better prepared for college. 


jhackman • January 23, 2023

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