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Hannah Witmer – Physical Therapy Internship

Hello, my name is Hannah Witmer, and I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. I am currently an intern at NovaCare Rehabilitation Center in New Holland PA, with my mentor Janelle Sevilla. I knew I always wanted to have a career in the medical field I just wasn’t sure what. After receiving physical therapy as well as experience from my internship I realized PT was the path I wanted to take.

I attend my Internship three times a week for two hours, with a total of six hours a week.  When I arrive, I check in with my mentor Janelle, then see if any equipment needs cleaned or put away. At the beginning of each hour, I help bring back patients into the gym area, as well as clean the rooms from the previous patients. During the hour I observe Janelle with her patients. I also get the opportunity to assist in exercises as well as lead some with patients. Also, during the hour I complete some paperwork. At the end of the hour, I get modalities ready for the patients, which include heat or ice and electric stimulation.

To some people, this might seem like a boring job, but I have learned so much throughout this experience. I enjoyed learning about different injuries and certain exercises that can help fix them as well as things you shouldn’t do with certain injuries. It always amazes me how therapists can remember so much about the body as well as so many different exercises to help certain areas. Personally, I have grown from this experience in many ways. I learned how to start conversations with patients, and it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the internship.

This experience helped me personally grow as well as confirmed my interest in the physical therapy field. Even though there is a lot of schooling involved, I love the idea of getting to help people feel like themselves again. This Fall I will be starting a 3+3 program to earn my doctorate in physical therapy. NovaCare has taught me many new things that I am excited to apply to my future.


jhackman • May 9, 2022

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