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Daniel Romero – Engineering Internship

I am Daniel Romero, a senior student at Garden Spot Highschool. My career interests are within the engineering field, specifically at the mechanical area. For the 2nd semester of my senior year, I was offer the possibility to intern with a company that requires thousands of engineers. The company’s name is Case New Holland (CNH) an international company specializing in heavy agricultural machinery such as balers, windrowers, combines, and tractors. The location I work in is at 500 Diller avenue in New Holland, PA.

I attend the building on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours a day from 8:00 to 11:00. My day starts when I arrive at the location, I scan my employee badge and enter the building. From there my day is never the same, I go to a different department from the building each week where I meet with the manager of each department. They assign me to one of their subordinates, whom I usually spend the day with. They show me what they’re working on, explain to me why they’re following certain procedures, and finally answer my questions related to their job.

Getting this experience has not only reinforced my conviction for a mechanical engineering degree. But allowed me to understand my favorite department within the field. In my case, for example, I prefer testing and data collection, over designing or prototype managing. I have also come into a broader understanding of the big scale process, how every small bit of a company comes together into a coordinated organism that turns a basic sketch, into the latest model of a professional combine.

All in all, interning at CNH has provided me an understanding of what I should generally expect from a career in engineering. In my case reinforcing my conviction for the career, and giving me some extra information on the different areas I could use my degree for.


jhackman • May 9, 2022

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