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Maggie Bauer – Elementary Education Internship

Hello! My name is Maggie Bauer, and I have been interning in a fifth-grade classroom at Blue Ball Elementary this year. I am planning to attend Eastern University, to major in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. To gain experience and observation within this field, I have had the privilege of working alongside Tara Shultz, a very wise and experienced teacher. She has been teaching for 26 years! Being able to observe and learn from Tara has given me the opportunity to dig deeper into what age range and style of teaching I am hoping for.

My day-to-day tasks in the classroom vary. From copying and printing to working with small groups and one on one, I always feel as though I am a helping hand to Tara. Being able to observe how she is so patient with students, how she plans and stays organized, how she interacts with her co-workers, and so many more small moments allows me to see what a great teacher and a great person look like. Not only do I get to be exposed to teaching, grading, and caring techniques, but I also get to see how Tara treats others. She is a very genuine person, as I feel this is an important trait that teachers possess. She asks me about life outside of school, tells me about her life outside of school, and truly cares when the students tell her silly stories. She never fails to make someone smile, and I aspire to be like her in my own classroom someday.

While also gaining great knowledge about teaching, I am also able to grow relationships with the students. The class of eighteen is always smiling, giggling, and helping each other. As soon as I walk in, I am welcomed by the sound of “Hey Miss Bauer” from all of my students. Talking to the students about their lives at home, comparing them to my own life, and connecting through our similarities are one of my favorite moments with the students. Getting to know what they like and dislike, how they learn best, who their best friends are, and connecting their home lives to their learning styles is so interesting. Being able to be a positive influence on the children means a lot to me. I have had the opportunity to play on the playground, attend field trips, play questions during lunch, and have conversations with them throughout the day. I appreciate their outgoingness and their willingness to share with me.

To conclude, being able to experience this internship has been such a big part of my life this school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Mrs. Shultz and the other fifth-grade teachers, along with all of the students. Tara has taught me so much about teaching and the reality behind it. The kids have taught me new dances, about video games, and different bands. The experiences I have had with Tara will forever be valuable to me and I will always remember the memories made and relationships built in the classroom. I am beyond excited to continue my internship for the remainder of the semester.


jhackman • April 7, 2022

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