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Luke Hershey – Marketing Internship

Hello, I am Luke Hershey. I am currently an intern at the Emerald Foundation based in Lancaster, PA. After high school, I am looking to pursue a career in graphic design or creative direction. I am planning on seeking a secondary education in graphic design and print. This internship has really helped me gain further experience in collaborating in a structured environment on a creative task.

With my internship being remote due to Covid-19; my daily tasks have been more unusual and very open to suggestions and schedule changes. On a typical day, I log onto my computer and check my email for updates on projects and new tasks I should complete. Once I have my tasks I need to complete, I then proceed to start the design process. The design process was very open for me to dictate and find what works for me. I have completed tasks from varying fields of design, from flyer design, branding guides, logos, social media templates, and social media assets.

During my internship I have worked on many projects, some have been more memorable and all of them have been a learning experience. Some of the more memorable projects have been the big branding project I have completed for EZone (One of the leagues Emerald Esports has to offer). One of the more recent projects has been to design and layout a flyer along with social media templates for an upcoming event. The work I am and have been completing has been a good chance for me to make important connections in the industry along with teaching me how to work in a more structured environment.

In conclusion, I have learned a great deal of information and established a healthier work ethic through this internship. With the internship being remote, it allows for a lot more independence in terms of scheduling and material. This then allows me to improve my work ethic with time as well as managing my time better. During this time, I have worked on varying projects and worked alongside a team of other members counting on me to complete things before a deadline. To sum it all up, this internship has been an amazing opportunity and I love working with the team over at the Emerald Foundation.


jhackman • December 16, 2020

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