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Zach Becker – IT Internship

Hi, my name is Zach Becker and I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. I have had an internship with the Tech Department here at Garden Spot High School. I began the internship at the start of the school year and since then I have majorly broadened my technical skills and communication skills. My daily internship duties consist of a few things such as helping students with their tech issues at the help desk, answering phone calls at the help desk, and fixing hardware and software issues in student and teacher computers.

I have had the opportunity to spend 3 hours on all 5 days of the week at my internship and during this time I have learned a tremendous amount of skills. Since my internship started, I have learned skills such as repairing broken parts, fixing software and hardware issues in computers, and I have strengthened my communication and problem-solving skills by talking to students and teachers to help fix their computers.

I have been interested in technology ever since I was a little kid and I remember one of the first things I ever did tech-related was installing a new Wi-Fi router for my grandparents when I was around the age of 8, and ever since then I have been learning new things and gaining more and more interest for tech on the way. So being able to learn hands-on and get to practice my skills and learn new skills has been a huge opportunity that not many people get.

This internship has helped strengthen my interest in the tech industry and kept up my interest in going to college for a tech-related degree. With the skills, I learned from the internship I will be more qualified in the future when I apply for jobs, and I can also use my skills in everyday life such as fixing my own devices or helping friends and family with tech-related problems.


jhackman • December 7, 2020

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