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Maggie Bauer – Administrative & Marketing Internship

My name is Maggie Bauer and I have been interning at Garden Spot Fire and Rescue as their Administrative/Marketing Intern. So far, I have loved working with Nick Good and the rest of the fire department. Every day is a little bit different, as I take on many different tasks. I have worked with the department’s finances, mailing letters, and simply changing the electronic sign out front. I love working with different people every day and growing my experience with so many different people and tasks.

My daily routine at the fire department looks a bit different every day. In this environment, day to day routines are variable. Depending on deadlines, bills to pay, and upcoming events, there are different things we need to prioritize. I have been able to gain experience labeling and filling mailers, working on social media platforms, grant work, fielding phone calls, reporting incidents, simple financing, and miscellaneous business tasks. I love the environment of new challenges every day. New tasks keep things exciting in the department. I walk into my internship every day never knowing what Nick and I will conquer.

My internship has taught me a lot about the business industry. I feel like I would really thrive in a position like Nick. I feel like I am learning so much about better people skills, work ethic, and positive attitudes that Nick has, and it inspires me. I want to work in a setting of leadership and office work, while also helping the community. I have learned a lot about planning events during my time at GSFR. I have seen the most efficient ways to do things to get them done quickly. I also have learned a lot about finance. Working with Becky, the Assistant Treasurer, I can gain experience with checks, bills, and QuickBooks. We work together at least once a week to pay bills.

To conclude, I love working with the fire company as an intern. I have gotten so much experience even in these first few weeks. Working with new faces, new tasks, and the community makes me really eager to work in an environment similar to this. I love feeling beneficial to the community, while also gaining experience myself! I have grown an interest in the financial side of business. I am so excited to see where my internship takes me next!


jhackman • December 2, 2020

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