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Thea Martin – Optometry Internship

My name is Thea Martin. I am a senior at Garden Spot High School. During my senior year, I have had the opportunity to bolster my resume and enhance my knowledge of the medical field through two wonderful internships: Student Athletic Trainer in Garden Spot’s Athletic Training Department and Scheduling Coordinator/Intern at Optometric Associates. Focusing solely on my internship in optometry, I have observed Dr. Jonathon D. Andrews O.D., a local optometrist, and his staff within his practice, Optometric Associates, twice a week since the start of June. This practice is located on Main Street in New Holland.

During my shadowing experiences, I have worked alongside receptionists, technicians, and doctors. Amongst the packed schedule, full one-on-one appointments with patients occur, including complete eye health exams, glaucoma encounters, macular degeneration visits, cataract check-ups, dry eye visits, diabetic eye care, and much more. While accessing and caring for patients, the staff of Optometric Associates holds great value in getting to know their patients on a deeper level; learning more about their families, interests, jobs, and more. I am also employed as the Scheduling Coordinator within the office. This includes being a direct source of communication between patients and Optometric Associates: making phone calls to patients who are due for their appointments, filing paperwork, or completing projects throughout the office.

This experience has helped me grow by leaps and bounds as an individual and intellectual. Being immersed in a professional and loving environment provided me with the ability to build on my strengths and enhance my weaknesses. Optometric Associates is filled to the brim with encouragers. Every nook and cranny of the office is filled with life-loving individuals who genuinely strive to care for others’ needs.

Overall, my experience interning alongside Dr. Jon Andrews O.D., a local optometrist, and his staff within Optometric Associates has been nothing short of amazing. My confidence in pursuing a career within the medical field is tremendously high as I have witnessed the love, care, and compassion laced within patient care. This opportunity has truly shaped me into a better person.


jhackman • May 27, 2020

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