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Kate Hershey – Photography Internship

I am a photography intern at the Webstaurant base in Lititz. Webstaurant is an online site that caters to restaurant companies where shoppers can buy products such as food, décor, and kitchen tools and equipment. It provides customers with fast shipping due to their conveyor system and low prices because of their massive inventory.

At my internship, I have a variety of different job duties. I sort new shipments that arrive at the studio and put item numbers on all the products that need pictures. When the photographers need certain products I then go and look for those items in the studio. I also edit the pictures of all the new employees hired at Webstaurant. My daily routine always begins with logging on to my computer, clocking in, and checking my email. After replying to my emails, I ask my mentor, Megan Barben, what tasks she wants me to complete before the end of the day. Those tasks usually include editing new employee pictures and locating products in the warehouse section of the studio. She will also occasionally ask me to sort new shipments when the person overseeing imports is not present.  Recently, I’ve started to work more like a photography assistant where I help set up props and adjust lighting for photo shoots.

My experience at Webstaurant has helped me grow in many different ways, from taking pictures, to working as a team to get tasks done. It has helped me develop a better understanding of how a business is created and maintained. I have also learned a lot about lighting, staging, and editing product images. This internship has influenced my future career goal, to be a photographer, by helping me improve my photography skills. It also gave me a better knowledge of how to be a good employee and co-worker. Overall, this experience has given me an inside view of how a business runs and works through obstacles.


jhackman • January 8, 2019

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