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*Note – At the end of December Josh accepted a new job.  He is now working at Maple Grove Automotive as a mechanic that specializes in high-performance sports vehicles.  Finding a job working as a mechanic was a big career goal for Josh.  The blog below was written prior to his job change.


I  chose to participate in Pathways2Success Cooperative Education class because I am ready to start my career.  Co-Op is a program for students like me who plan to work full time immediately after graduating from high school. This program allows me to leave school at 10:30 AM.  Each day I go to work at Brecknock Township.

My daily responsibilities have a wide range of options. One  of them may be  to run the roller when paving. Another responsibility is also to make sure all the paving equipment is cleaned off at the end of the day each day.  Another responsibility is to keep the township yard and flower beds cleaned up and make sure the yards are mowed. There are 8 trucks in the townships fleet. It is my responsibility to keep all of the trucks maintained and greased up.

In the near future, I am hoping to work for Maple Grove Automotive. I  have always loved mechanics so this change would help me achieve my career goals. There I will be doing maintenance on vehicles, completing vehicle inspections and emissions tests, and fixing any mechanical problems.

I have learned so many things along the way. I have found out that mechanics is what I want to do through working with equipment and machinery at Brecknock Township.  I am glad I was able to participate in co-op because I am one step closer to achieving my career goals.


jhackman • January 8, 2019

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