December 21

My Favorite Family Member?

]I haven’t really told anybody yet, but I have a little brother. (Dramatic music plays.) I have a small family of four. Me, my little brother, my mom, and finally my dad. I don’t have a step-mom or dad, I just have a regular family. I don’t really have a favorite family member, so I’m just going to say which one I mainly am with, and am with everyday. My little brother.

I have a pretty chill little brother. He can be annoying sometimes, but he’s awesome. I do things with him everyday. In fact, I depend on being with him so much, if I’m not with him for a couple minutes, I start to look for him, until I find him…… It sounds pretty awkward, but it’s true, and the truth is the truth. I also do a ton of things with my brother, like play video games with him, play chess (rarely), and do so many other things with him that the list could be too long for this post.

Well that’s pretty much it for this post, hope you enjoyed reading, goodbye!

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Family Member?

  1. adames475

    Hey Eli! It’s Christian. I already knew about your little brother, but didn’t know all of those other things you said. I like how your little brother is chill. My little brother isn’t as chill. I wish you could’ve put more about what you guys do together (unless that was it). Nice post though!

  2. jevon

    Hi eli this is Jevon this is awesome your family must be really awesome my family is kind of like that other than my little brother will fight me for fun. He is a really good wrestler maybe your brother would be friends with my brother.


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