February 2

Memorable Experience

Hello, and welcome to my latest blog post. I know I haven’t posted a blog in more than a month, but I’ll try to get back to my usual schedule of releasing posts. This blog post is about any memorable experiences that I had in summer, or summer camp. I’ve never gone to summer camp before, but I have a TON of experiences from summer, and that’s what the post is going to be about today.

To start off, one of my main summer experiences was basketball. At the beginning of summer vacation in 2017, all I pretty much did all day was play basketball. I would spent almost all day either practicing by myself, or playing with friends. My grandparents from Colombia (the Country in South America, not the county), came over for about two months. So everytime I played outside, they would always be there to watch me. I remember going to new york with them, and we saw a Yankees game,(which went into overtime , so we left early, but they won anyway.) We also went to M&M world, and we even went to central park. All of these experiences were great. The rest of the summer was mainly just lazy, so that’s going to end off this post, goodbye!

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