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What Is It Like In Your Community? #STUBC16 Week 8

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Astonishing Abraham Lincoln

Some information from this website.  The rest we already knew.

Abraham Lincoln was the best president that had ever lived.  These are reasons why.  But before we start, try to think of why another president is better…. Exactly, you can’t.

Abe Lincoln is the best president because he threw slavery out the door.  (He got rid of slavery)  Before he was president, there were African American slaves that the other presidents before him never freed.  The slaves were treated harshly and unfair.  But Mr. Lincoln changed that.

Another reason that Abraham Lincoln was the best president ever was because he directed the Civil War.  The Civil War was the war were the south part of our country was fighting to keep slavery and the north was fighting to get rid of it.  Lincoln fought with the north and helped them win.  Before the war even began he tried to make it a law that slavery wasn’t allowed, but the South still disagreed so they had to fight.

A last reason why Abraham Lincoln was the best president was because he didn’t kill himself by getting old.  He was murdered.  Then his wife proclaimed that the most horrible place in the world was the pretty pretty Ford’s Theater.  Ka-pow!!!!!!

Those are some of the MANY reasons that Abe Lincoln is the best president that this world has ever seen!  By Summer and Mae


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My Cardinal Community #STUBC16 Week 8

This is an Ostrich Community. Every Ostrich probably helps out. Picture from

This is an Ostrich Community. Every Ostrich probably helps out. Picture from

My community where I live is in the USA. This post is all about what I do in my community and when I do it.

On Monday I go to Blue Ball Elementary School for 6 hours and 30 minutes.  Girls On The Run is over for the season, so right after school I go can go home and relax.  Same with Tuesday.  Wednesday is my busiest day of the week.  First, I go to school.  Then, after school I go to my dance class at Signature Dance Studio.  I take a Jazz class.  Then sometimes I go to my friend, Leila’s, church for a lesson and activity.  Thursday is the same as Monday and Tuesday right now, and Friday.

At school I also play the clarinet.  It is very fun.  And my lesson days are on Mondays.

When you are in a community, for example, Signature Dance Studio, you are expected to be kind and always try your best.  That is the same for Girls On The Run.  Probably everyone in a community is expected to act like this.

Whoever lives or works in a community is very fortunate.  They are fortunate because they have some place where they can go and have fun.  In our houses we usually have food and water that helps us survive.  In our schools we can learn and talk/play with friends.

You can visit the Signature Dance Studio website with this link:

Visit our school’s website at:


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Unique Underwater Words

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Genuine Gingerbread

Each year at my Aunt Robin’s house we decorate gingerbread houses.  I worked really hard on mine this year and I hope you like it!  P.S.  It took me 4+ hours to do it…



One Side

One Side

Other Side

Other Side




We also took home some Gingerbread Men to decorate.  I named mine Morton.




Thrilling Thanksgiving

Every year for Thanksgiving my family and I have Thanksgiving traditions.  They are very fun.

On Thanksgiving Day our family and some other family on my Mom’s side go to my Poppop’s house for brunch.  Breakfast+lunch=brunch.  My Poppop makes AMAZING pancakes.  He also cooks up some bacon for all of us to have.  We usually stay for a couple of hours.

From there, we go to my uncle Louie’s house for a big Thanksgiving dinner.  We do that with my Dad’s side of the family.  He has a really cool lava lamp that I like to look at before and after we eat.  It has cool orange goop inside it that breaks, falls, and bounces all around.  The food that we have there is really, REALLY good.  We stay there for a few hours too.

Gather your family, friends, you name it!  Thanksgiving is coming, and I’ve been ready to eat turkey since June!  What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?  Tell me in the comment box!  ?  

Happy/Merry Thanksgiving!


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Star Wars GAME


Are you a fan of Star Wars?  If you answered yes, then this game is for you!  Here are the rules:

  1.  You are R2-D2.  You can use the arrows on your keyboard to move or the ones that appear on the screen.  Try to get the Puffer Pigs.  If you get a Puffer Pig, you will gain 300 points.
  2.  If you get a Mynock, 5 more Puffer Pigs will appear and you will get 1000 points and go faster.
  3.  If you get a Puffer Pig, you will gain 300 points.
  4.  If you get a Stormtrooper, you will lose 1000 points, a new background will appear, you will go slower, and 5 Puffer Pigs and 1 Mynock will appear.  The only way to get the other background back is to get a Mynock.
  5. If you get all of the Stormtroopers, you will lose 1000 points and a Probot will appear.
  6. If you get that Probot, the game will end and you will lose.
  7. If you get all of the Puffer Pigs, the game will end and you will win.

Happy playing!  🙂  (Click on the link to play)


Fantastic 4th Grade Schedule #16STUBC

This week’s Student Blog Challenge is to tell the world about your school.  Below you will see many things that our school has and does and things like that.

Here is our schedule in 4th grade:

9:10- 9:40 a.m. Intervention-  but first we switch to our reading classes.  In Intervention we usually do Kidbiz while Mr. Geiman or Miss Lewis (our student teacher) teaches a group of students at the back table.  Kidbiz is a learning website where we read articles, answer questions, and write out Thought Questions.

9:40- 10:00 a.m.- Work on blogs and go commenting- at 9:40 the intervention group leaves and Mr. Geiman lets us work on our blogs and go commenting around the world.

10:00- 11:30 a.m. Groups-  at 10:00 a.m., we all break up into groups and go to stations.  I go to Independent first, Direct second, and Collaborative third.  Independent is when we do work on computers and paper alone.  Direct is when our group goes over to the desks closest to Mr. Geiman for direct instructions.  Collaborative is when we can talk to our partners and create a story together, but sometimes we make stories alone.  Each group is 30 minutes long.

11:30 a.m. Get ready to leave-  at 11:30 a.m.  we shut down our computers and get ready To leave Reading Class.  And switch back into our Homeroom Classes.

11:40 a.m. – 12:25 p.m. Specials- at 11:40 a.m. all of 4th Grade goes to our specials.  Specials are when students go to special rooms to learn special things.  Our specials are Music, P.E., S.T.E.M., Art, and Library.  Music is when we go to the Music Room and do stuff like sing, play instruments, and do music- related activities on paper and whiteboards.  In P.E., (Physical Education) we play all kinds of games in the Gym.  One of my favorite games is Hot Feet.  We usually play Hot Feet after the Pacer because it doesn’t involve a lot of running.  There are 2 teams in Hot Feet, they each get a side of the Gym.  Then the people on the teams try to throw foamy balls at the other team’s people knees down.  If you get caught, you go to a jail on the opposite side of the Gym that your team is on.  You have to catch a ball inside the jail to get out.  Then you can try to make a basket through the basketball net to get all the people in that jail out.  S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, so we learn about that stuff.  4th Grade is currently learning about Electricity.  In Art we obviously do arty things like paint, color, draw, etc.  And then in Library we learn about books and stuff, and if you brought your books back from the last week, you can pick some more books to take home for the week.

12:25- 12:55 p.m. Social Studies, Science, or History- at 12:25 p.m. we come back from specials and learn about either Social Studies, Science, or History.  We stay in our Homerooms.

12:55- 1:05 p.m. Recess- we have a ten minute recess before lunch.

1:05- 1:25 p.m. Lunch- time to eat!  4th Grade has the latest lunch in the school.

1:30- 2:40 p.m. Math-  we switch to Math Class at this time.  We are about to start a new unit on Fractions.

2:40- 3:00 p.m. Break- Break is another longer recess that is 20 minutes long.

3:00- 3:20 p.m. Math- we come back in for some more of Math Class unless we were having indoor recess we would be having Break at this time and would already be done with Math Class.

3:30 p.m. Goodbye!-  School is over and it is time to go home.

How do you get to and back home from school?  I usually ride the School Bus.





How Do You Get To School? #16STUBC

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What is Your Favorite Thing About School? #16STUBC

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