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Thrilling Thanksgiving

Every year for Thanksgiving my family and I have Thanksgiving traditions.  They are very fun.

On Thanksgiving Day our family and some other family on my Mom’s side go to my Poppop’s house for brunch.  Breakfast+lunch=brunch.  My Poppop makes AMAZING pancakes.  He also cooks up some bacon for all of us to have.  We usually stay for a couple of hours.

From there, we go to my uncle Louie’s house for a big Thanksgiving dinner.  We do that with my Dad’s side of the family.  He has a really cool lava lamp that I like to look at before and after we eat.  It has cool orange goop inside it that breaks, falls, and bounces all around.  The food that we have there is really, REALLY good.  We stay there for a few hours too.

Gather your family, friends, you name it!  Thanksgiving is coming, and I’ve been ready to eat turkey since June!  What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?  Tell me in the comment box!  ?  

Happy/Merry Thanksgiving!


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