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The Adventures of Frank Bender: The Pencil War, Chapter 4: The War

Later that day, Pinky Pink Butt heard a knock on the door.  She stumbled over to answer it.  She froze as Prudy Pencil (their neighbor) was standing right in front of her.  “Is Frank home?,” he asked.

Pinky Pink Butt ran away screaming for Frank who was taking a nap in his little corner.  Frank instantly shot up out of his piles of blankets toppling over him.  It looked like a bomb had just exploded as the blankets flew in the air.  Frank ran to the door and was about to scream, but instead just said, “Uh-oh.  Prudy, I thought I said that I was sorry for pushing your grandma down the stairs!”

“Oh, you did Frank.  But now there is something else on my mind.”

“What?,” Frank said, half regretting it.

“Our new neighbor.”


“No, the garbage can.”


“FRANK!  You ruined my cool moment!  You could have just said something like, it’s on, or something.  And yes Shirley!”

“Fine, it’s on.  But this is exactly why you were never my friend.”

“You just a mistake, my friend.  A really big one.  Gather up your team of 16 members.  Meet me 9:00 a.m. sharp by the recycling bin. Let me tell you now, it’s going to hurt!

“Nice spot.  I’ll have to be there at 8:00 a.m. to guard!”

Frank needed to assemble a team.  So he went around asking family members and friends.  Almost all said yes, except for Granny and Grampy.  The way Prudy got people on his team is that he would find someone and scare  them until they agreed to be on his team.

Later that day, Frank decided to take a stroll around the classroom.  Once again he saw the Pet Store.  Since no one else was with him, he went inside to look for his 16th team member.  As soon as he stepped into that place, he laid his eyes on a mini, green, monster pen.  “I’ll take this one!,” Frank said excitedly to the clerk.

“Good choice!  What’s its name going to be?”

“Hmmm…  Misfit Monster.”

“Okay.  Go over and meet me by the counter while I get him out.”

So then Frank met the clerk by the counter.  He brought Misfit Monster over and set him on a scale.  “6 pounds and 3 ounces,” said the clerk, “So that’s $6 and 3 cents.   Frank also bought a leash for Misfit Monster so that he could walk him home.  

When Frank got home everyone was surprised.  But Pinky Pink Butt was as happy and jumpy as a frog that just in the desert for 6 months and finally got a giant bucket of water dumped on its face.  She ran right over and patted Misfit Monster on the head.

Frank was ready for war.  He called everyone over for a meeting at midnight to discuss the battle plan.  This was going to be the best war in history.

Frank’s team Prudy’s team
Team Captain: Frank Bender Team Captain: Prudy Pencil
Mummy Mama
Papa Dada
Pinky Pink Butt Pennish
Misfit Monster Pony
Shirley No-Tip
Mother KK Curler
Father Mrs. Mistakes
Shelley Benny Ballpoint
Dr. Gluegun Ball Ballpoint
Mr. Mistakes Benny Jr. Ballpoint
Winny Whiteboard- Marker Mr. Ballpoint
Mrs. Staple Mrs. Ballpoint
Sassy Scissors Com Computer
Re-Sciple Yuler
Pogo Pop Nuler
Frank and some of his team.

Frank and some of his team.

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Most Healthiest Snack In The World

Ever wonder what the most healthiest snack in the world is?  Well, if you answered yes, read on to find out more!  But before we start, some information is from

Lemons are the most healthiest snack in the world.  A fun fact about them is that if you squeeze lemon juice in your hair before your final rinse it will turn out that you will have natural highlights!  Hmmm…  Good thing to do over the summer!  🙂  #STUBC Week 5 2016



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I love creating little sayings on Storybird!  I hope that you like this one!  🙂

#STUBC Week 5 2016

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