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My Cardinal Community #STUBC16 Week 8

on November 30, 2016
This is an Ostrich Community. Every Ostrich probably helps out. Picture from

This is an Ostrich Community. Every Ostrich probably helps out. Picture from

My community where I live is in the USA. This post is all about what I do in my community and when I do it.

On Monday I go to Blue Ball Elementary School for 6 hours and 30 minutes.  Girls On The Run is over for the season, so right after school I go can go home and relax.  Same with Tuesday.  Wednesday is my busiest day of the week.  First, I go to school.  Then, after school I go to my dance class at Signature Dance Studio.  I take a Jazz class.  Then sometimes I go to my friend, Leila’s, church for a lesson and activity.  Thursday is the same as Monday and Tuesday right now, and Friday.

At school I also play the clarinet.  It is very fun.  And my lesson days are on Mondays.

When you are in a community, for example, Signature Dance Studio, you are expected to be kind and always try your best.  That is the same for Girls On The Run.  Probably everyone in a community is expected to act like this.

Whoever lives or works in a community is very fortunate.  They are fortunate because they have some place where they can go and have fun.  In our houses we usually have food and water that helps us survive.  In our schools we can learn and talk/play with friends.

You can visit the Signature Dance Studio website with this link:

Visit our school’s website at:


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  1. Miss W. says:

    Well written Summer, but remember not to put out too much private information. You have now told your readers where you go after school each day.

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