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  1. There once was a raindrop different from the group. When he was the last one up there all the rest just laughed from the ground. But that did not harm the raindrops feelings at all because when they all disappear he will be the last one. So he thought he was special. Because he would be the only survivor left and he would still remain. But on a summer day an airplane came and hit the cloud that the little raindrop was in and it hit the poor little raindrop and it started raining. And at that moment the little raindrop knew that it was time to fall and that it would finally go down. And that is how the little raindrop dropped.

    Then water cools down and rains down
    And then it goes from land to air and then back again.

  2. The water cycle

    First there is a sirten amount of water vapor in the air from surface water.Like oceans rivers and lakes.Then water from those sources evaporate into the air changing from a liquid to a gas.Then after it evaporates it condenses and forms clouds.

    Then when water molecules collect into big enough drops it rains.Water in alwes cycling up and in to air and back again

  3. The drop of water

    A raindrop was up in a cloud and she was laying in the gray cloud and all of the sudden she heard thunder and saw lightning. and she got scared and she then fell from the gray stormy cloud and fell on a mountain.
    Then she rolled down the side of the mountain into groundwater and after she was in the ground water for awhile it started to get hot outside and she felt the warmth then
    she started to see other water evaporate and she evaporated and went on the huge trees above her and she sat there for a long time and then she went back up into the clouds and sat there again and she realized the process of the water drop herself, goes over and over again and again. And she wanted to do it over and over again she loved it so much. And now she waits for every time it rains so she can go threw the cycle again. And one day it got cold and she was up in the cloud getting ready to fall down and she was falling and it was so cold that she froze and turned into hail and fell on the mountain and she thawed out and she repeated the same steps.

  4. Mr. Raindrop’s life
    By: Lael Sanouvong
    I am falling as I awake from my nap. Being 1,000 years old is hard doing the same thing over and over again. I looked over to my right and see my friend bob.
    Bob says” Hey Sanouvong-qwerty Raindrop can I just call you Mr. Raindrop?”
    “Ya” I say “ I thought “you were still in the cloud? Where is Moo?”
    “He’s at the drain you know how hard it is in the drain.” He turns into a snowflake as do I. “ He mite be in the toilet of Mr. Bat’s house. Also be careful were snowflake.”
    That is when we land on the cold grown of russia. I look around and see kids. I hate kids they love snow to build snowman. But they never think about the snow they use. They are so rude because the never ask to pick me up. It is so annoying. I can’t talk to them about it ‘cause they never hear us. Then all of a suddenly I feel someone pick me up. “Hi kid I know you can’t hear me but PUT ME DOWN!” That is when I melt. Thank you Mr.Sun.
    “ Hey Mr.Raindrop It’s me Mr.Snowflake.” Said some voice behind me.
    “Mr.Snowflake! I missed you so much. How long have you been in Mr. Bat’s House and did you see Moo?” I said so happy to see I would hug him but we have no hands so we can’t hug.
    “ I did not see Moo But I was Not at Mr.Bat’s House I was at Mr.Mike’s house in his dog. Then I was in the grass. Then I went in the belly of a cow. That is my story what is yours?”
    “ I did the normal life the whole time you were gone!”
    “ Do you know were Bob is?”
    “I was just with him but now I don’t know.”
    That is when I start to sink into the ground. Now all I see is roots and they try to get me.But I move out of the way. That is when I see a root reach over me and get Mr.Snowflake. Even though all my friends are gone I keep going. I hit a pond. Then I see a BIG dog come to me and lik me up
    Inside a dog is the worst place in the WORLD ‘cause of all the stuff the dog eats then when the dog gets me out of because he is sick I am in the US. I go to the cloud wich is going todrop down to the earth again and it will start all over again.
    The End

  5. The life of a Raindrop
    Hi I’m Cloudy storm the raindrop let me tell you about my life from Ocean to groundwater

    It all started when I got brought into the ocean by a big rain storm,I was scared but my mom rainy storm and my dad rain storm Comforted me,they told me it was a game we were surfing down the stream on a beautiful sunny day,and soon we would reach the airport to go to our new home .The entire time we were playing that game,and it made me forget all about the storm.Then we got to the ocean and my mom and dad said we were at the airport ,and that our flight was in a day or two.So we waited there for two days and finally they said it was time to get on our flight,we were going in the air floating we turned into air and the air we were is called water vapor we floated the whole way up to the clouds as water vapor finally we landed on a cloud and we were now raindrops my mom and dad have done this so many times they were telling me all there story’s while we waited the next week for us to fall down as rain and finally a week later on wednesday october 24th we fell out of the cloud as rain I loved it,it was my favorite thing we did and as i was falling down i turned flat it was sooo funny and finally we hit the ground it hurt just a little it felt like a pinch to be exact and then we absorbed into the ground along with all the other raindrops and finally we were just a puddle in the ground until the ground filled up with so much water that we were pushed out of the ground and back to a stream and it just kept repeating over and over again.

    And that is the story of how I Cloudy Storm went from the ocean to Groundwater.

  6. A Raindrops Life
    By:Roman Kourt
    It just started to rain. I’m falling from the sky again. Oh sorry hi my name is frank. Frank the raindrop. A raindrops life isn’t very fun or adventures. We just fall then go back up and fall again. Ahhhhh! “Oh hey frank” said bobby. “Hey bobby” said frank. This is my friend bobby. Plop welp we hit the ground. “Finally” bobby said. uh frank were about to slide into the sewer. Ahhhhhh! Welp were in the sewer now. “How are we going to get out of here” said frank. “I don’t know” said bobby.
    Were just floating down the stream. “Um bobby is that an alligator coming at us” said frank. “Where?” Said bobby. Gulp. where are we said bobby. “Were in the alligator!” Screamed frank. “How do we get out” said bobby. “I have an idea” said frank. “Let’s wait until he opens his mouth then we will get out” said frank. “Ok” said bobby.
    It turned to night time. Uhhh shooo. Uhhhh shoooo. “Bobby bobby wake up!!!” frank screamed. The mouth its open. “Finally were out” said bobby. “Look a big wave is coming” said bobby. “Maybe it can wash us out.” Pshhhh. “Where are we?” said bobby. “were in the ocean” said frank “I think”. “Wow the ocean is so cool” bobby said. “Look there our old friend Jimmy” bobby said.
    They floated over to jimmy. “Everyone wondered where you were for the last few years” frank said. “I fell into the sewer and got washed into the ocean” jimmy said. “Us too” they both yelled. “Well looks like we’ll be living here until we evaporate” jimmy said than we’ll be with our friends again”.
    The End

  7. A falling droplet

    Once upon a time, there was a droplet just falling from the sky. In this world it took years for the droplet to fall to the ground. ( 35 years to be exact) some people even wished to go faster. That means it was raining every day for these people who live in the town, but it also means it rains really slow. Then One day There was this droplet which only took 20 Years, but that happens all the time. People really wished that the raindrops were about 13 years, then they would be impressed.
    Meanwhile, Down in the deepest sea The raindrop was celebrating! They did not care that it was 20 years, but there party was about 55 years because it was so slow. Since they are so slow it took the other raindrops 1 hour for them to leave the party because they get faster underwater. Up on the surface There was another raindrop that took 30 years. People were wondering why it took that long. People thought maybe the raindrops were angry because they did not celebrate.
    Instead of not caring they celebrated. Then one drop was 3 years, One was 1 year and the one that was the fastest was 20 days.They celebrated again and again, over and over.There world was starting to get faster by the minute. The people became so happy! Meanwhile, down with the water they were celebrating to but now the party was 5 years because it took at least all of them 23 days to do something they wanted to do at the party.
    One day this raindrop came down and was exactly 13 seconds, But then there world was getting faster and now they celebrated to fast. Down in the ocean the raindrops had a party which took them 6 seconds. The world was going so fast it took everybody 20 seconds to eat. Some people even wanted to regret what they wished for. Now, they stay fast forever.
    Lesson 1: Be careful what you wish for
    Lesson 2: Be happy for what you get (You get what you get, and you don’t get upset)
    The End
    By: Cecilia Stoltzfus

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