You are the primary source

We’ve learned about primary sources.   Now you get to BE one!

Write a document that details your experiences during the first year of the pandemic.  Add your document as a comment to this post.

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  1. Dear Reader, Friday, March 13, 2020

    Hello, I am Rylee and I will be telling you about the pandemic and how it affected me and helped me!

    It all started when something called Coronavirus started. It started in Wuhan, China No One knows the truth about what it came from. Some people believe the virus came from a bat. The symptoms are Fever or Chills, Cough, Shortness of breath, Muscle, Body Aches, Headaches, Loss Taste or Smell, Sore throat, Runny Nose, Or Vomiting. To protect us from this awful virus we wear a mask when we go into stores, or go to school we have to wear the mask till we leave school or a store. People have to sanitize their hands, stay 6 feet apart. This virus is not fun.

    The one day when we were at School the principal emailed our teachers and announced that there is this new virus and kids have to now bring their computers home with them and they have to charge them. Before we would charge our computers at school. They made the kids stay home for 3-4 days then it became worse it became 1 week then 2 weeks then 3 weeks. Then we finally came back to school but everything was different then before.

    It was a Monday, We had to wear masks all day on the bus, in the bathroom, and most important the classroom. And for lunch… Before we had lunch in the cafeteria and now we have it in our classroom the lunch monitors bring our food to our room and we watch a show while we eat.
    In our classroom our desks had to stay 6 feet apart from each other. When we come into the classroom we have to use hand sanitizer. Before we eat and after we use hand sanitizer again.
    Doctors say some sanitizers are unhealthy and some are not as unhealthy!

    This affected a lot of people in my family. For example my Mom is someone who works in a hospital. It is easy to get the virus in a hospital. And my School has been out, sports has been out because School and sports were affected by the virus. The most important thing is we try to be healthy during the pandemic. In the whole world a total of 120 million people got it, 68.1 million people received and 2.66 million people died.

    That is my story of how the pandemic affected my life. Stay safe!

    Rylee Martin

  2. You are the primary source: Write up your experiences of the first year of living during a world- wide pandemic.

    I didn’t know what was happening. I was scared a little because my teacher told me I have to put my computer in my backpack. I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening because the school was shutting down for three days then it moved to a week then three weeks and now it is a year the coronavirus is still here. I had nothing to do over the summer because we could not see anybody because we had to be on cortine so my family started to stock up on food. So,when the coronavirus started my family had to pick my brother from tennis practice and they canceled it. Then we had to pick my sister up from the band and they canceled that too. The next day after that my sister had softball practice and she only went to about four practices and they canceled that for her. Then I started soccer and I couldn’t even go to a soccer practice and I was sad because I didn’t even start soccer. In the summer we found out we had to wear masks and now we still wear masks today for school. We have to be socially distant when we eat lunch and instead of eating lunch in the cafeteria we have to eat lunch in our classrooms.Today we have to be six feet apart, hadsanize.

  3. Hi, my name is Ariannah Eberle and today I will be telling you about how it is to live in a world – wide pandemic from my perspective.

    When I got told that my school got shut down, I was really excited. I wasn’t actually at school when it happened but my friend had come over to give me everything that I needed for starting virtual learning. I had asked her what was going on and she told me everything. At the start, my school had said that this would only last for 2 weeks but they changed it. As 2 weeks went by, they changed it to 3 weeks. Then after that it got shut down for 4. Finally, it got shut down for the rest of the year.

    Today, Friday, March 13th, is a full year that everybody had to start quarantining and do virtual school. Once school let out there wasn’t much of a difference. You couldn’t really do anything. Everything was shut down and you couldn’t see your friends or family because so many people were scared that they were going to get sick. Summer that year was so boring and overwhelming.

    Once the end of August came around, my mom had gotten an email that I had to decide if I wanted to do online learning or go to school at Ephrata Intermediate. I really wanted to go to school but my mom said no because she didn’t like the new rules for schooling. She didn’t like the fact that we had to wear masks all the time but I didn’t blame her, I didn’t like the sound of that either.

    My first day of online school came around and at first I was really excited because I got to stay home and just do school there. I liked it for the first month or two but then I started to realize that it wasn’t so fun. I had to stay home all the time. I barely went anywhere and it was really hard for me. I started to ask my mom if I could go to school but still, she said no.

    My grades had started to go down a lot. I couldn’t handle always being in the house and never being able to hang out with anyone. I honestly hated it a lot. Eventually, I had gotten my grades back up and then I had to move. I had to go to a new school and I really like the school I’m in now. My mom had asked me if I wanted to do online or if I actually wanted to go; I told her that I wanted to actually go and she let me.

    The school I go to now is great, it’s called Blue Ball Elementary. There are some of the same rules but I still really like it. In my opinion, since I have friends now, I don’t really worry about some of the new rules. The masks are sometimes irritating but I don’t worry about it much anymore. Living in a pandemic isn’t the best thing but, you just have to really learn to adapt to many different things and make the best out of it.

  4. My name is Alexis and this is my covid 19 experience!

    It all started on Friday, march 13 2020 we were all told by our teacher to take your stuff home or go online for a while. We didn’t come back after that.
    Then the new year started at the beginning of march 2020 my Grandfather had died then some people started getting sick and passing away due to coronavirus then we had to wear masks and we had a quarantine for a month or so.
    Kobe bryant with his daughter gianna bryant on january 26 2020 a lot of people were upset that he passed away and his daughter passed away. He died while in a helicopter the heli broke down.
    Then there were fights between two men running for president. It went on for while Joe Biden won and Donald Trump demanded a recount so everyone of age had to recount and still Biden won. A lot of people were not happy that he won but that was the way it had to be.
    A Lot of holidays were celebrated differently like Easter, Halloween,and St. Patty’s Day. We couldn’t do much. We had to deal with it.
    Then 5th grade started that was a wild year we had to do school with masks you had to stay 6ft away from everyone you couldn’t touch anyone we dont to much for example picture day was different you took single pictures not class photos and then we got an email saying all kids had to go online again and then another and another and another because in our school we had to go online so we wouldn’t get sick.
    In october we got the news that our class would have to go home for a while we all got picked up by our parents and started online classes again.
    Christmas was also hard for christmas it was hard to get anything for anyone shopping was very different so it was very hard.
    I was meant to go to Mexico this march but due to covid-19 I couldn’t because if I were to go I would have to get a vaccine then when we came back we would have to quarantine for 14 days or weeks.
    I worked from home for a while then I started to fail my classes so I had to come back to school; to get back on track I got sick a lot. This year was a tough year.
    This year also there was a lot of protesting and rioting about a man named George Floyd on May, 25 2020 he passed away due to things people did and what he did.
    There were many things I wanted to do like see friends, family, and go out more but I couldn’t because of covid but after 971K and 24,576 deaths it got better the cases had gone lower they had found a vaccine called covid-19 vaccine this vaccine was tested on aborted babies people get this vaccine so they don’t get sick people think that “oh this means i can take off my mask now” it doesn’t mean that you can you should still keep your mask on no matter what the condition is even if your at a store and there’s not even five people you should still wear it. I can understand that it’s not so flattering but we need the masks we use now so we don’t get sick. I hope that people can listen to these rules.
    We have a procedure to follow: stay six feet and wear your mask is so simple and if you can breath get a face shield don’t buy a mesh mask that’s not helping even though a shield mask might still not work its covering the places it needs to cover.
    Places had started opening up again you could go to about anywhere except movies theaters and indoor pools and even if those places open up again you still need to be 6ft..
    Let’s skip to today March 15, 2021 it has got better now they talk about George Floyd and other things. Now there’s a lot of things happening now something new can pop up and any moment. People still don’t follow procedures very well but we’re getting their cases down a good amount. I hope that the pandemic ends soon. I wanna live a normal life again…

  5. Covid-19
    Written By: Gabe Hoover

    My name is Gabe Hoover, I was a student in 4th grade, at Blue Ball Elementary School. It was March 13, 2020, 3:15. “Alright, everyone listen” My Teacher said.”Please put your computer in your backpack.” My classmates and I were shocked we’ve never taken our computers home. “School is going to be closed,” Miss Cernuto said. Everyone was excited, when we finished packing up we were dismissed, and that’s when I realized that I had band practice at Garden Spot High School so I grabbed my Trombone and headed out to the band bus. When I got there we had to wait for the bus at the flagpole. Finally, the bus came and we got on since the Trombone is the largest portable instrument that our school had.The other Trombones players and Me got on last so it’s easy to get on and off. When we got to High School. We played for about 30 minutes to an hour, with two other schools Brecknock Elementary School and New Holland Elementary School. When we were done practicing we packed up our instruments and went into the lobby to wait for our parents to pick us up. When we ate dinner we were all telling all about what happened at school. The next day was Saturday, so my family and I did chores and work around the house. After school was out for two weeks, the school said that school will be out for another two weeks(My friends, family and me were so happy). Because most of my social life was in school and because school was canceled, I would talk to my friends online a lot and play outside a lot. When the extra two weeks were over the school said the rest of the year was going to be online, which didn’t affected my family a lot because my parents kept on working, because my older sisters were home, but the things that some of my family didn’t like was wearing masks(most people don’t like wearing masks either) and having church outside. Online schooling wasn’t that bad because you could sleep in a little longer, you didn’t have to ride the bus, you could finish early, and you had all day to get your work done. But some things were pretty bad like you have to log onto google meets and my birthday was a drive through party so my friends would drive through drop off gifts and talk for a little bit. Soon after about a month or two of online school it got really boring. Being at home with my four sisters is not fun, so I spent a lot of time outside riding bike, scootering, playing basketball, football, and playing with my dog. Because of covid my summer was empty most of my family plans were canceled due to Coronavirus, but I still saw friends and family but not as much as normal years, I still saw my whole family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other occasions. My Grandparents got covid which was pretty sad because we weren’t able to see each other for a while. When school started up again, everyone needed to wear masks, but I’ve never wear a masks for six to seven hours long so that was very different and, having recess and lunch with only your class, lunch being in your classroom, using hand-sanitizer a lot, even specials(things like gym and art) being different at different times. Our class(just our class) was sent home for a possible exposure to Covid-19(which I thought was kind of ridiculous) so my class had to do virtual schooling for two weeks. When we were sent home it was raining cats and dogs and it took a while for my mom to pick me up (because my dad he drives all around the place so he couldn’t pick me up) so my class and I sat in our classroom watching Liberty Kids waiting for our parents to pick us up. I was kind of happy and mad. I was happy because we got a short day at school but we have to do virtual schooling which is a pain. So the next day was Friday, and I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house but we have to do virtual schooling so we logged onto their internet and got ready for school. When I got off my first meet I went fishing. I thought I had two hours until my next meet but I didn’t so on accident I missed my meet. After four days of virtual school the school said that we could come back to school(but I kind of wanted to stay virtual because my cousin and me did school together and after we would go outside and play) we were able to come back to school because the possible exposure wasn’t actually a exposure(I think that’s a little too safe). After a while all was well until my family got Covid which was really boring, we had to stay home for two weeks it was terrible you couldn’t see anyone, you couldn’t do anything. We ending listen to church services. Doing online schooling was different too. I’ve hadn’t been used to doing online school so that was weird. We have a really cool uncle and aunt so my sisters call my aunt and her family came down with a bunch of things like doughnuts, toilet paper, cake and brownie mixes, soda’s, and bunch of other things. So after two weeks of boringness I finally got to go to school my mom could finally go into stores my parents still went to work but wear a mask when they saw people. When I got to school I got to see people, have in-person band lessons, in-specials instead of doing it at home, and getting to interact with friends so after a good couple months of being in school having fun with friends and enjoying being from school the day was March 16, 2021 at lunch someone said on the loudspeakers “all teachers be sure to check all messages”(well something like that, and all the kids went crazy because that’s happened before) and it turned out we were all right. It turned out that we were going to be virtual for three days(I guess so they can clean all the rooms in the buildings) so being out of school for three days isn’t that bad but hopefully the school doesn’t do what they did last year. So Ya! That was basically my life(come to think of it) of 2020-2021. It wasn’t the greatest year ever but It will get better, and here are some good words for upcoming years from me(Gabe Hoover of course) “Be brave, be strong, and don’t give up. Good years will come…Hopefully”.

  6. March 13, 2020. When the emails started flying and when everything got shut down…
    Almost everybody in 2020 got hit hard with covid. I was in 4th grade and 10 when it hit. My birthday was 2 weeks before it struck down like lighting. I will be telling you what it was like for me, school, and what happened in 2020.

    I was working on math and minding my own business, and then my teacher was acting weird. In the middle of the lesson she ran to her computer and when she got back up she told us to pack everything and that we don’t have school for 3 days, then 3 weeks, then 3 months and then the whole school year. When I got back home it felt like I was getting kicked out of school. For 3 months later they were still having online classes. The teachers were like a football player playing soccer, they did not know what was going on and half of the class wasn’t there. I thought it was just going to last one week but ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no i was wrong.

    School was weird being online because half of my class was not there and other people were there that weren’t in my class, either. Now that we go to school, it’s weird that we have to wear masks, social distance, be online, and have teachers be online and be quarantined. It was the worst, no it is the worst. Sometimes I can’t breath with masks on and also some schools are entirely online. But atlast we have mask breaks, it was like god giving us water. Some people are still online, like in my class there is only one person left online and my teacher forgets to put the google meet on/ zoom meeting. I moved in 2020 and now I am at a different school. In Ephrata, the elementary school is k to 4th grade and my new school, blue ball elementary goes k to 6. It’s pretty weird being in elementary school again.

    In 2020 a lot of bad things happened: like small businesses shutting down, people getting bankrupt, and people dropping like flies. In this section I want to talk about the good things, like among us and schools trying their best and pewdiepie hitting 100,000,000 subs. Among us wasn’t the only game that helped us through this pandemic there was youtube, call of duty, borderlands and every other online game. Games helped us survive this pandemic by bringing fun in 2020. Schools teach us how to stay safe and keep us educated. I almost forgot Tik Tok, if you don’t know what tik tok is it is kinda like youtube but the videos are shorter and funnier. Tik tok was also almost banned because trump thought other countries were planning to take over america with tik tok. I don’t have to talk about pewdiepie everybody knows he’s the best. right?

    Corona, covid 19 and covid are all the same. If you could change one thing about 2020 what would it be? I hope you’re staying safe and having a good life, see you later and BRO FIST.

  7. You are the primary source: Write up your experiences of the first year of living during a world- wide pandemic.

    Hi my name is karlee.I was in the “world-wide pandemic” It was good waking up later,having breakfast.It was weird.But let me tell me what happened.So It was ELA and it was friday,march 13,2020 And I was doing my work It was when my teacher got her email.And by the end of ELA My teacher finally said in confusion “so plz listen and stay seated I need to tell u that we will be going to put your computers in your backpack today because we will be going home and doing work there” And I was really worried because it was different.I was shaking it was scary.So we went home for “two days” And every day we would log into our computers and we would do our assignments that we had to do.We had to cancel so much things.

    So my parents had to take off work.I don’t know how they did it.But then my mom had to get lots of groceries to fill up so we don’t get hungry.Then the “qurintene” went up to two weeks.And then google meets got in and we started going into google meets every morning.Then when the two weeks passed and it was the day we were going “back”.I got excited because doing school at home was getting boring.But then the morning of going “back” my mom told me we were not going back.And I was just sick of quarantine.Then PSSA passed and we could not do because we need to be on a google meet.That was what was exiting.So the days passed and school became over so then summer came.

    We started to where mask in buildings.At the time we had to get used to it.Then summer came and school ended.At that point it was a “normal” summer.A little but I went threw it .I went to the pool,park,and not much off stores.Because of covid we could not go on vacation to the beach which was really said.I was hoping next summer we could go to the beach.As the summer went on it was normal.Until my mom said I was going back to school.Which then at the time she said she got to pick virtual or in school learning.I wanted to go virtual.Then school started and we had to where mask and stuff.But the year went on and we got to learn and stuff.

    And then christmas came and christmas break came.My mom told me that we would not be getting a lot of presents this year because of covid.But when christmas came I woke up really early and there was a lot of presents under the christmas tree.And we continued to do christmas.And then new years came and it was finally new years.And now its 2021.We are in school like normal.And now we are in march 15th 2021 with a new year.

    So we did school with are mask most people might be used to mask by now.But I am used to them.So we went into school everyday did our things.It was exciting when we got a “2ed” recess which we call mask break.And it was march 16th 2021 and we were eating lunch in the classroom.And a aunnounsmnt goes of and it says teachers check your emails and all the boys were jumping all allround.Because that was the the announcement when the school shut down last year.But when lunch was over the teacher came back and then we went out to recess and after recess we did stuff the teacher told us instructions for a independent.And after that she told us the big newsShe told us the news was that we were going to go online for the next three days. People were happy that they could sleep in.And it was because 3 classes had symptoms of the virus.We finished the day and then the online started.

  8. Hi my name is Brianna Gerhart and this is how my life was when Coronavirus started affecting people.

    I was in fourth grade(Friday March 13 2020) In ELA class it wasn’t that long before we were going to go home,when my teacher mrs.Carl made the weirdest announcement I had ever heard!? She said that when we go home to put your computer in your bookbag!!! I was soooo confused,Wenever put our computers in our bookbags???After she made the weird announcement,she said that the school will be shut down for a few days due to a virus and that on monday we would need to log in to a google meet and that’s how we would be learning.At this point I had some mixed emotions i felt like Man this is great I get to stay home,at the same time i’m like oh my what if I forget what time to log on or what if i forget to log on altogether!But I was mostly excited to stay home.

    When I got home my mom was on the phone she told us to get in the car to go to Costco,we were asking why but she told us to just get in the car quicker went to costco and she went to meet my dad then we got out of my moms car and got in my dad’s car and we went home.In the car my dad explained that since this virus people are going to try and get a ton of toilet paper and some other supplies and that mom went into the store to get some stuff because people were only thinking about themselves and grabbing as much stuff as they could get and that soon things are going to be very hard to get. I was kinda scared now,I was worried it was going to be hard to survive like in the old times and that we would have to use very little of everything.when school started online on Monday,it was kinda fun to do school in my pjs but it didn’t take long for online school got boring I missed everyone my dad has asthma so he didn’t want us to go out and be getting close because if he got Covid19 he could die 🙁 I hated being inside all day I was bored of my ipad and that’s something I never thought would be possible.Not long after Coronavirus started we had to wear stupid masks! Like I thought it would be cool to do school from home I thought it would be cool to wear masks well it didn’t take long for that to get annoying!

    My Birthday eventually rolled around,Covid was soooo boring that it seemed to take FOREVER to get to my birthday.I was excited until my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to have a party 🙁 I was crushed. I missed my friends sooooooo much!! On my Birthday I wasn’t allowed to go into my basement I was confused why but at the end of the day after dinner we had cake I had a mermaid theme cake,It was sooooo detailed.After cake my mom said we could go into the basement,Now I was excited!!When I went downstairs there were glow-in-the-dark Balloons and we were going to watch a Taylor Swift concert on the T.V. It was a lot of fun but I wish I could’ve had friends over.After my party was over I was sooooooo tired so I went right to bed.A couple days after my birthday I was rushing outside to the mail to see if any presents came since people couldn’t come over and watch me open them:(

    I don’t know about my family but I was scared that my mom would get Covid and we would have to social distance ourselves from her since she is a nurse and she had to work at the hospital with sick people.I was scared because I didn’t want her to get sick and feel bad and I also would hate to be away from her for 2 weeks!

    Soon it was summertime and I was kinda sad still because I couldn’t really do anything. The only things I could do was play with the next door neighbors and it kinda gets boring playing with the same people all the time, but I was happy I could at least play with people.Soon we had to go back to school I was now going to 5th grade and I had a teacher named Mrs.Dissinger. I was excited to go back to school so that I could get out of the house and go somewhere because my mom wouldn’t let me come to the grocery store so I was really pumped about school.

    When school finally started It was not as fun as I planned but it was better than sitting around all day.After around 2 months we got sent home because someone in my class got exposed they didn’t tell us who but still we were getting sent home The day we got sent home was weird because Mrs.Dissinger kept getting phone calls and all of the sudden Mrs.Scrantz came in and told us we were going home for 2 weeks! I thought we would just be finishing the school day and then going home with our things but our parents had to come pick us up from school!To be honest,I kinda wanted to go online for 2 weeks,I would be able to sleep in a bit more,I wouldn’t have to worry about making my lunch or bringing it and I wouldn’t have to get up early to get ready for school!Unlike when we got sent home in 4th grade I loved being online with no siblings in the house to bother me,my dad was working from home so I got to hang out with him during lunch,and I got motion breaks. It was awesome!!!Soon my dad got a call from the school saying That we could go back. I was kinda sad because I liked being online.I asked my parents if I could stay online but they said I have to go back to school.Soon Covid started getting worse my dad started to get worried he told us that we will probably go online to keep us safe.I was excited because this is what I wanted,I didn’t want covid to get worse but i did want to go online!The first week of February was when I was going to go be the first day of me online but,It was a snow day and then the next day was a snow day too!

    I soon started my online journey,I liked it and I liked it even more that there was also 2 people online as well there names were Madysen,and Lexi, Madysen had just moved in to my community a few weeks after school started and when I heard she moved in I wanted to be friends with her,maybe she would be more fun than the people next door maybe she would be nice and like to play? We were online together for a long time and then one day Mrs.Dissinger led her class out to the busses and she forgot to dismiss us . Lexi left but me and Madysen stayed,I started asking her questions about herself I was worried she wouldn’t feel comfortable answering them but luckily she did,Then I started asking her if she had a phone and she said yes,I asked her if she had a phone number,she said no,then I asked her if she has messenger kids she said she didn’t but that she will download it.Her mom wasn’t home for her to ask so it was a couple days until she told me she had it.I asked my mom if she would accept my friend request for her,she said she would.So me and Madysen started talking and then she got a phone number and her messenger kids stopped working so I was happy she got a phone number she gave it to me and we started talking on facetime soon there was a switch in special cycle and it was gym one day for gym i was riding my bike, and weird enough I saw Madysen longboarding so I stopped to say hi and then she let me try her board and then I didnt even ride my bike anymore I was just longboarding with her the whole time,soon we did that every day and we kept getting closer friends,one night we took a BFF test to learn more about the other person.we learned so much from the test we know pretty much everything about each other!Today I am back in school and she is online still but we continue to call every single day we text every single day and we play a lot but not as much as we call we sometimes act like sisters we pretend to fight and we pretend to cry when someone says something when we are pretend fighting but we know we are joking.I really hope we stay friends forever because she is a really kind,Caring,and great friend.This is one of the times were I thank Covid because if I never went online and had the courage to ask for her number I would have missed out on an AMAZING person/Friend.

    This year we have to wear masks to school and stay socially distance when we eat lunch.Today is March 16th and my Birthday is coming up i’m excited because my parents are letting me have a few friends over for a sleepover for my birthday I can’t believe that 3 days ago was our “get sent home from Covid anniversary”It’s funny because today when I’m writing this we got sent home it’s sooo funny because I am writing about the Coronavirus and we’re getting sent home because of Covid.Im sooo excited to have my birthday more normal this year.It’s kinda sad because my first best friend can’t come to my sleepover because of covid.I hate Covid and i’m sure everybody else does.
    It has been 2 tough years so far with covid but i’m just glad that my family and friends are safe.

  9. Covid-19
    By: Liam Buck

    Dear reader, I want to tell you about a virus that toor down the economy. It was in 4th grade, Blue ball elementary school, 2020.

    How it started for me
    It has been 1 year since the shut down in 2021. In 2020 people started to get nervous as the virus spread. It was in the class of English language Arts and emails, texts, and recordings started flying in. The teacher told us that we were going to have no school for a while, then it extended to one week, then two and so on. The students (including me) started to pack up and I had no idea what was happening and then the teacher said that we were going to be home for a couple days, and everyone jumped up and was so happy but on this day I regret the whole thing. Kids were excited but some kids were not excited. The day that the school was shut down I had my band lesson at the high school and I also had my brother’s birthday party. So the school still went to the high school to practice and we still had my brother’s birthday party. We got picked up on a bus and went to the high school. When that was done my cousins and grandparents came over and he had a birthday party about reptiles. My cousins brought over some of their reptiles.
    Causes and shut down
    A couple months later we had to wear masks so we went to the store and got masks, we also got masks from grandparents. There were many concerns about all different things mainly because of covid-19 when will it end and how this will affect people. Lots of stores shut down and small businesses could not make money. Some owners of Small businesses could not make money because they were forced to shut down. My birthday was canceled because of the virus, and many other people had the same experience. Governor Wolf, the state’s leader ,said that there will be no school and then he made the announcement that it will be online the rest of the year. When it broke out many sports, activities, and jobs were shut down because of the law. I was doing sports and my sports were canceled. My dad was sent home because he is a teacher in a different school district. Even vacations were canceled or postponed. Our church was even shut down and we didn’t go to church even when it did open, we just watched online. Because of the covid-19 issue friends and finally members could not come over and especially grandparents. Sometimes when you are exposed to people you could get covid-19 if the person or people have covid-19. Because of this virus my contrite and many other countries had to shut down and we all had to wear masks and stay six-feet distincing. How it was made and created
    It all started in China, Many people have different opinions about how it started and how the virus was made and how it began. The two main reasons that people think something happened, someone ate a bat or someone was irresponsible and accidentally released a virus and there are even more suspicions out there. People say all different things about how it spread and got how it got into different countries and states.

    That was what I experienced during the pandemic.

  10. You are the primary source: Write up your experiences of the first year of living during a world- wide pandemic.

    Dear ms. dissinger let me tell why I’m not scared of covid. I’m not scared of covid because if you get scared of covid you might get it. We have to be strong so we can protect our family and your family can protect you too. Covid might be scary but we must be brave and let fear come out of us. Corona is dangerous but we must not get scared if I’m not scared then you must not get scared. Corona came from china in 2019 in december we don’t know where corona came from but we are safe with masks on and interacting with other people you don’t know.

    So that’s why corona is dangerous and doesn’t get SCARED.

  11. The world-wide pandemic

    It was a normal year till the day Friday,march 13,2020, I knew something was wrong because it was Friday the 13 the badised day of the year.And the worst thing that happened to me was my aunt was pregnant at the time i was so wired for her.So when ever you are reading this it must be devistadid to her me part of the story well let me tell you my side of the story.
    So if you are still reading this this is my part of the pandemic it was so crazy because i never thought that we would be able to take are computers home we had to do online learning the rest of the year and normally when we would meet are teacher for the first time we would see them in person but instead to see are teacher we had to go in a google meet I never thought that we would have to do that. And I was in 4th grade so who knew that now i’m in 5th grade and it’s been a whole year now and we got a vaccine out now I did not get the vaccine but we are still wearing a mask i can’t believe that we have to wear a mask this year or maybe next year to who knows?

  12. My life living in the pandemic was and still is taribol. On friday, march 13, 2020 my school closed due to covid-19. The teachers sed to put your computer in your backpack. The school is closing due to covid-19. At first they sed the school was closed for 3 days then it was 1 week after that it was 2 weeks not too long after that the school was closed for the rest of the year. We still went home on the bus. On monday we did what is called virtual school. We had assignments in google classroom and We had google meats to attend. Wants we finished off the school year like that it was time to turn in our computers. Restaurants had closed. We had to wear masks to go to stores well at lest my parents did. My mom wasn’t working to watch me and my sisters especially my little sister Allison. She wasn’t doing her school work. For birthdays at our church the people that come to the church would drive past your house beeping their horns and yelling happy birthday. My fifth grade class got quarantined a couple of times but we powered through it then there were other times where the whole school got quarantined. Fifth grade was and still is the weirdest of the grades, at least for me. When it came time for Christmas my family’s Christmas party was on February 5th. Here I’ll tell you what happened, originally the party was December 26th then my uncle Brian got covid so the party was back up to January 14th.after that my uncle Matt got covid so the party was backed up to February 5th. So that’s my life living in covid-19.

  13. You are the primary source: Write up your experiences of the first year of living during a world- wide pandemic.

    Hi my name is Gavin Sauder. I am 11 years old and I will be telling you about what it is like to live in the pandemic of COVID-19.The day that the school told us we were going to be sent home because of COVID-19 I was still sad that day.That was three days after Tuesday,March 10th, 2020 when a local police officer named Brennan Leid died. He was my uncle’s girlfriend’s brother. I knew him, he was very nice. One night he slipped on his brand new motorcycle, and was killed instantly. Also, my mom is a nurse practitioner and she works a 12 hour day and 9 hour day and she always at work has to wear a gown, gloves, and face shield that keeps germs off when you see a patient and if it is a person with a probable case of covid she has to wear a really effective mask called an n95 sometimes and has to wear goggles/protective eyewear to. It took a while but my mom did eventually get the vaccine. Talking about vaccines my uncle actually also got his vaccine he did not have to get two shots he only had to get one that had the stuff to cure covid in one shot so he did not have to get 2 shots he only had to get one. For me what it is like when I do verchual school I don’t really like sitting at a desk all day but I do get to be at home all day. Also at home I miss seeing all of my friends and my siblings drive me crazy when I have to be on a google meet but they are bugging me and sometimes it is a little harder learning on a little screen with 19 other people with other questions so it probably makes it just as hard for them to learn. During covid one of my family members actually got covid it was actually my great uncle his name was Harold so he was driving someone somewhere and he was starting to feel sick so they got him to the hospital and he lived but he almost died but now he got a trucking job from my grandpa who owns my family’s trucking business. All Harold had to do to get the job from my grandpa was get a CDL again because he knew what to do so now he was a trucker at Earl Martin Trucking but now he is a driver for my grandpa and he feels great. To be honest my baseball season was not that different but one thing was that we had to space out all of the baseball bags and try to social distance in the dugout. Most times for my Birthday I would have maybe 5 friends over to play football and have fun but this year I only had 3 friends over but it was still fun. Now when we go to school we have to wear a mask every day and it gets very annoying after running or being active. It can be hard to breath. Another thing about school that is annoying is if we have friends in another class this year you basically never see them you only ever really see them in the hall and you don’t see them at recess because we don’t have recess with the whole grade because of the coronavirus. When it was the first day of school and I went to fifth grade and I had to wear a mask and you only had recess with your class it was weird because I used to play football with all of my friends but now I only play with a few.It was also weird to watch baseball with no fans in 2020 but now in 2021 they are at least having limited seating and really the same with football. They had fans sometimes but not often when they do they don’t have many. At school there’s a thing called the high five store and because of covid this year we don’t have it now we have a high five drawing where the principal calls the names off of the high five and says the name off of the loud speaker and whoever gets called wins a prize. I think you can obviously tell things are a bit different with the coronavirus. Now I can just not wait for it all to end. My mom did tell me that I have my first baseball practice but she said if It ends up being in the garden spot Gym my whole team would have to wear a mask during practice. So practices may be a little bit different this year and the games might even be different too. Because of covid in school this year we have the same special for 36 days so if someone maybe has covid we don’t give covid to the other special teacher. I had a friend named Kole and he moved schools in the start of 4th grade and me and my friend Bryson were invited to his birthday party but the day before covid got bad so we could not go. Like I said baseball had no fans so basically every year me and my dad go to a Phillies game but this year me and my dad were not able to go because of covid. At recess we can’t be with the whole grade but when we play gaga ball kick ball and football we always have to wear a mask and when we are in line to kick during kickball we always have to be socially distanced witch is also different because when we used to play kickball we would always be right beside each other talking but now because of covid it is different. Also when we are playing football it can get pretty bad with masks because I know we wear them to keep us safe but they can make it hard to breath when you are playing cornerback a running routes as a receiver or running when you are playing quarterback and when you are running the bases during kickball that can also make it hard to breath but in the end you just go back to class and get a drink.With gaga ball it can get bad to because you are always running because you are either jumping away from the ball or hitting the ball at another person so wearing a mask keeps us safe but it can be pretty hard. So as you can see it is pretty hard to wear a mask. Ok this is weird as I am writing this I am at home because we just went virtual again.This is also funny today I am doing virtual school from the cabin and I forgot all of my stuff at home but I am able to sign into my account on my family’s computer but I will have to do everything in blank paper. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

  14. March 12 2021 chance smoker

    I hate covid this is my story about the pandemic I was in 4th grade, It was a regular day. I’m in ela its friday march 13 2020 at the end of the day. Then our teacher is just announcing that we need to put our computers in our backpacks then she says we’re going home! We were aningshes and confused we going home for a while. It was very weird we were going Virtual. the next day we got onto our computers and started our school work we didn’t have good internet so we got a hotspot it helped but it was slow and annoying. It was a crazy time.

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