You are the Primary Source Year 3

When you were in second grade, school closed due to Covid-19.  What do you remember about learning from home or coming back to third grade wearing a mask?  Add your story as a comment to this post.

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  1. It was Friday, March 13, 2020, and there was an announcement that we should bring our schoolwork at home because I couldn’t see my friends and I hated wearing masks. Jobs closed as well as schools mean people died.

  2. All I remember is it was Friday, March 13th, 2020 and I was in Mrs. Thomas class who is now at Brecknock Elementary School. From school we packed up and got all of our stuff together. We didn’t know what was happening and then we went on the bus and basically everybody was pretty excited because we didn’t know we had to go online.

    When I got home I told my mom all about it. Then when we got home we took my mennonite neighbors to this yard sale and I got a plant and named it coronavirus because I thought it was funny. That’s all I remember from that day.

  3. but i remember that i was in my class room with my teacher. and then the announcement came on. And then we had to pack up and head home because it was covid 19 and we all packed up and then we all got home and that’s what I remember.

    When me and my sis got home we told our mom everything and then when we were online we were trying to find out where we were going to sit and fought about it and then ya.I don’t remember a lot.

  4. Hi i’m Aaralyn Hooper and I am going to tell you my covid 19 school experience!
    It was a normal day until math…. It was friday march 13 2020 and all of a sudden a kid comes in a room and he said it was time to pack up and he was holding a computer and a math folder i don’t remember who it was but i remember, The class room was dark and we were all on the computers. I was siting in the corner in a pod. With zoe a girl who is not in this school any more. And we all had to bring so many work and now at this point it was like stacks of work, but at the time it was only 2 days! Then it was 1 week then it was 2 weeks then it was the rest of the year.
    There was an assembly line and everything it seemed like it was the end of the world and at the time it was.:[ At home it was like i was trapped ans stuck in the house and let me tell you masks are just… just terrible and i didn’t like to have to not see my friends smiles.

  5. Hi my name is Anneasha Martin and this is my covid-19 second grade experience. Friday march 13th 2020

    I was in second grade Mrs.Thomas’s class and I remember an announcement came on saying school is going to be out and they didn’t say why.We started to pack up and go home I was excited because I thought it was just a couple days off of school and it made me confused because it turned into a couple weeks then the rest of the year and I was worried that we wouldn’t be at school next year but we did go to school but we had to wear masks. I was sad that we missed some stuff such as, Our field trip, Talent show and more. I was sad about that and I got tired of being online but one thing I liked was being able to get off of school earlier and be home all day and sitting on my bed still in my pj’s. The bad thing about wearing a mask the next year was when it got hot and when you went out for recess you would still have to wear it. Everyone had to be 6 feet apart in desks and every one had to eat in the classroom every day.
    That is what covid-19 was like for me in Mrs. Thomas’s class(2020).

  6. Primary Source
    I can’t remember what happened on the day of the announcement in 2nd grade in Mrs. Gentile’s class, But i can remember the weeks we were at home on March 13, 2020. Day 1 of the online-learning. I was tired. I didn’t want to get out of bed to get ready online. But I kinda had to because if I didn’t then I would get in trouble. Day 2 of being online, Same thing as day 1 but i was kinda excited knowing we would finish a little sooner then a normal school day. Day 3 was like day 1 but I was in the kitchen at the table. Day 4 of being online was very very boring because it was like a normal school day we had to learn but there was still some fun stuff.

  7. Primary Source sonya

    I was in Miss gentillys class when the announcements.And . I remember sitting around in Miss gentilly class reading books and then the announcement went off. And the announcement said that we would be going home for 2 days.I was so confused I didn’t know what was happening. And the next year later we had to wear masks.

    At home and going online

    At home I was online in my room. and I was confused on how online learning works. And I was confused on why we had to do this. but it was fun because I did not have to go to school.and in 2nd grade we did lots of fun activities.and my parents had to work at home. And lots of stores closed and we had lots of trouble finding food
    And that is my experience while the pandemic

  8. I don’t remember. I just remember not wanting to do it. I just wanted to play Zelda. And also because I was tired. But, it was also nice because I didn’t have to leave home and I could just mute myself and turn off the camera and grab a snack.

  9. Primary Source
    I can’t remember that much about the announcement when they said school was out in 2 week.

    When we went home for covet 19 happen on Friday, march 13,2020 I was so confused what was happening when we did not go to school for 2 weeks because i thought it was no school for 2 week and i was happy because i thought i had free time and i sad because we did not have free time but i got to see my teacher and classmates online. But i was upset because we did not go to school and i wanted go to school to leader. The it was so horrible with wearing mask in school . then my dad had go to work when covet 19 was happen because his work garage doors open so he get fresh air. An it was hard to remember to were a mask at school and it was hard to hear people talk and it was hard to hear people talk because we were 6 feet apart from people. An could not share stuff.

  10. All I Remember Is On March Friday 13th when We were doing math and there was a concerning announcement the principal said we need to pack up and leave as soon as possible… and when we heard we all packed up as quick as we could and when we went home the next day our parents got an email that school was closed for a good bit. And we had to do online school but i was so confused and Mrs Humphry was concerned to and all the kids in my class were worried about what was going to happen but no one told the teacher what was going to happen but it was covid 19 but at the time no one knew not even the teachers knew what happened . When me and my friend were happy until we realized it was covid then we were separated and me and one of my friends were gonna have a sleepover but darn covid did not let that happen. And when me and my family realized what was happened they were mad at the principle because she never told the parents until the next day what happened and there more but i don’t remember the rest. And when people had to wear masks everyone in third grade everyone had to sit six feet apart and it was sort of hard to breath because the mask covers your mouth and nose and many businesses shut down because of the law and many students in many countries had to be online for awhile and people had lots of different things on how covid started and spreaded some say someone ate a bat and others say. That’s what i experienced with covid 19

  11. Primary Source Kase Martin

    I was in second grade and in Mrs. Williams class when the announcement came through that school was closing for 2 days. I can’t remember too much. But I do remember something. Which was packing up and getting ready to go home when the announcement came through. And it was confusing and I did not really know what was going on.

    At Home And Going Online
    At first it was confusing because I did not really know how to get on a google meet. But once we figured it out I liked being able to not have to go to school and being able to stay home to learn. But I was also sad because I was not able to see my friends. But I also remember that we did step by step on how to make ice cream. And that was really fun. Also when we came back to school we had to wear masks and it was not fun. So that is what I remember about when we went online for school.

  12. By:Phoenix Zimmerman

    I was in 2nd grade and I was in Mrs.Williams. On Friday, March 13, 2020 I was confused and cinda happy and I didnt want to do school at home. When you do school at home you can do whatever you want. Masks don’t do NOT help.

    I laid in my bed for school and for gym I did jump rope in the basement. It was not fun to wear a mask in school. I usually wore my mask under my nose because I cant breath with one.

  13. On Feb 13, There was an announcement that the school was going to be closed for a couple of days. Mrs. Williams was looking for a Brainpop video of Covid 19, but she found nothing. Then when we went home we did the google meets and there were a lot of people that did not join the google meet. My teacher at the time, Mrs Kelly Williams, was very nice and did not make us do a lot of work, instead she had us do fun things every day. We did things like, make a bubble solution, and make our own bubble gum, and evan make ice cream.

  14. Name: Blake. Primary Source I was at Adamstown for 2 grade and I don’t remember what happened the day they made the announcement.

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