You are great writers!

We were recently inspired by a poem that we read in Newsela.  We decided to create some of our own poems and short stories to post here.  Post your writing creations as a comment to this blog.  We can’t wait to read your writing!  (Don’t forget:  log in before you try to post a comment.)

Please create your writing in a Google Doc and use correct punctuation and spelling before posting.

10 thoughts on “You are great writers!

  1. Fall by william shirk

    I would say fall is the best time of year, it’s cool, it’s quiet, and colorful. It’s also called harvest season, atum, and autumnal equinox.
    Why is fall the best season? Because I can watch the tractors harvest their fields. Fall makes me happy, wonderful, and delighted. I like fall and you should too.

  2. Turtles by william shirk

    Turtles are tasty deep fried and crisp
    I think there the best with garlic and ranch
    My favorite turtle is the leatherback.
    Why? They taste the best
    I also like the green back’s feet
    But there not as good as the leatherbacks back
    I like to bake the turtle hatchlings into a cake.
    To eat as a birthday cake.
    Turtles are tasty deep fried and crisp
    Turtles are tasty deep fried and crisp.

  3. Clocks by william shirk
    Tic tock tic tock goes the clock in my sock.
    Why is there a clock in my sock? Because i saw a clock in my sock.
    I saw the clock when I got the sock.
    I got the sock when I bought a clock.
    I bought the clock to put in my sock.
    But now I can’t find my clock in a sock.

  4. 25 by william shirk

    25 25 25 25
    I like the number 25
    I don’t know why i like 25
    But i like 25 so i will say it again
    25 25 25 25.

  5. I Like turtles poem by Noah Davis

    I love turtles. Turtles love me.
    Recycle And save the ocean and save the turtles
    For me. I like turtles and you should like them too. If you don’t like turtles I won’t like you.

  6. Halloween by Alaina Limoges

    I don’t know why I like Halloween
    maybe because on Halloween I get candy,
    or maybe it’s because I love to dress up in costumes,
    or maybe it’s because we don’t have school
    I don’t know why I like Halloween.

  7. My dog poem
    My dog likes to dig hole
    She also is a wonderful soul
    She barks like crazy
    While she’s being lazy
    She plays really miled
    She almost like a child .

  8. My name is Maxxus Bloomer and I am currently a student at Blue Ball Elementary School. I was in 3rd grade and it was March 13, 2020. The day was going very horribly for me. I thought the day was just gonna be a bad day, but it wasn’t. We got some amazing news for most people, “SCHOOL HAD BEEN CANCELED!!!”. I was very happy that we weren’t coming to school for a whole week. But I didn’t know why. So I rushed home and asked my parents. They told me it was a pandemic called Covid-19. I thought the day couldn’t get any worse, but it did. The week we were supposed to come back. They sent our parents an email saying that we weren’t going to have school for the rest of the school year. I started yelling and jumping on my bed because my parents told me that meant I could play on the XBOX whenever I wanted. I was happier than I’ve ever been. I thought I would never be happier in my life. But that thought wasn’t real because my mom told me that on May 5 we were gonna go to Disney World. I immediately ran up to my room and started packing everything I needed. We left at 5:00 am and I was very excited.

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