You are great writers!

We were recently inspired by a poem that we read in Newsela.  We decided to create some of our own poems and short stories to post here.  Post your writing creations as a comment to this blog.  We can’t wait to read your writing!  (Don’t forget:  log in before you try to post a comment.)

Please create your writing in a Google Doc and use correct punctuation and spelling before posting.

Math Class Blog Post: At-home learning week 2


Hello Math Class!  I hope you are all well this week.  I decided to open up a new post area so that we don’t need to wade through last week’s comments to see the most recent replies.

What is your reaction this week?  What are your thoughts and feelings about our school shut down?  I loved your supportive words of advice last week.  Don’t forget to check out our math Google classroom.

This week, I would love for you to post a picture of something you’ve done or created at home.  You can even post your spirit week pictures here.  Did you write a story?  Feel free to post it.  Do you have a favorite school appropriate song?  Feel free to post it and tell us why it is your favorite song.  (I wasn’t able to post pictures in the reply area.  But you could post the picture in a google doc and then post the link.  I’ll also create a google doc for us.  It might be easier to work with?  I’ll post it in Google classroom and here:


Have a great week!  I miss you all!

Mrs. Dissinger

One of my favorite things I did last week was walking in the woods.  My yellow lab, Joe, gets camouflaged against the leaves, so we put an orange vest on him to make him easier to spot when he wanders away from us.

Math Class Blog Post School Shutdown week 1

Dear Math Class,

Just in case you wanted to brag about your math class progress, or post your thoughts and feelings about the school shutdown, I created this special area for you.  I monitor the comments on the post, so sometimes you might have to wait a few hours to see your post appear.   I miss you already!

Mrs. Dissinger

PS. Don’t forget to log in to the blog before you reply!

School Shutdown- Covid 19 Week 1

Dear Students,

We are living in a bizarre week in history.  We aren’t allowed to go to school.  We aren’t allowed to eat in restaurants.  What are your thoughts and feelings about this week?  What was your reaction when Mrs. Schrantz announced that we wouldn’t have school this week?  What are you doing at home?  I miss you already!  Since I monitor the blog, it might take up to 24 hours for your comment to be approved.  Try to use capital letters and punctuation.  🙂  It will help us understand your writing!  Stay well!

Mrs. Dissinger

Here’s a picture of my dog, Joe, when we were on a walk in the woods this week.  He’s kind of comouflaged with the leaves on the ground, so we put an orange vest on him to be able to spot him when he wanders away from us.



This month’s character trait theme is reflection.  So let’s do some reflecting.

What is something that you learned this year?

What is something you did this year that was hard for you to do?

What is something that you liked about school this year?

What is something that you wonder about (real life)?

Decision making

Please answer in complete sentences.

1)What is the hardest health-related decision you have had to make this school year?

2)  Why was it a tough decision?

3) What helped you to make your decision?

Feel free to say what you liked about the website.