Decision making

Please answer in complete sentences.

1)What is the hardest health-related decision you have had to make this school year?

2)  Why was it a tough decision?

3) What helped you to make your decision?

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5 thoughts on “Decision making

  1. The hardest health related decision that I made this year would probably be if I should play video games or play outside with my friends. Another hard decision I made was what to choose for

  2. the hardest decision this year was cookies or carrots at lunch.

    my decision was hard because i like carrots and cookies and i like sugar.

    my health helped me make my decision and to stay fit and to exercise regularly.

  3. to watch tv or to play with my kitten. because i like tv but i also like my kitten. well watching tv is bad for your health and playing with a kitten wont harm you as much.

  4. Playing with my a lot of my friends VS Playing fortnite. playing with a lot of my friends because…
    playing with friends is fun fighting about a game is not fun

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