Food Waste: What do you think?

We read two Newsela articles about food waste.  What surprised you?  What did you learn?  What do you think is the best solution to food waste?  Please comment.

18 thoughts on “Food Waste: What do you think?

  1. What surprised me when it said that a lot of it goes to waste before people buy it so they toss it out. what the best solution is that you should tell them that some people who are homeless some of those people don’t even get that food and instead of throwing it away you should give it to homeless people so that they could eat it

  2. What surprised me is that they use thrown away foods. I Learned that food is important and that lots of people waste food that’s still wrapped up , and still good. The best solution to food waste is if we still have unopened goods we can donate instead of throwing it away.

  3. What surprised me was that, people in Norway started noticing this problem in 2010! And we are just hearing about it now! I learned that whenever the food date says “Eat before 1/1/18” you can go a little longer. I think that if it’s safe to eat than, we should keep on making it into food that is safe. I think that all of this is a good idea!
    From~Brooklynn! 🙂

  4. Something that surprised me was that how people can eat food that was made out of stuff from the trash or something like that, I learned that the food is similar to the food that’s not made from trash, and it’s also kinda cheaper to buy.. I think the best solution to food waste is to do exactly what the article in newsela are saying.

  5. I was surprised that somebody in Philadelphia recognized it , not only that but people liked the food that was normally considered waste. I think if it will help things then do it but I personally wouldn’t eat that type of food ,but if it is perfectly fine then I would but if it’s not I wouldn’t.

  6. The thing that suprised me is that people throw away that much food. I learned that throwing away food is bad for the environment.The best solution is to compost the food instead of throwing it away

  7. Wasting food is bad. Think about the people that need the food and you are just throwing it away. The food you are saying has gone bad can still be used as other foods.

  8. I learned that you should NOT throw out your food. Just save it to make sure you and your family and your friends get the food, and not trash-diggers.

    From, Ashlyn Graham

  9. I think its bad because you could still use that food for something they should lower prices because that’s probably why there throwing away food because no one is buying the food that’s on the shelves

  10. I am surprised that they made a store that sells things that have expired, and people actually buy stuff! I learned that just because something doesn’t look appetizing or if it is a few days out of date you shouldn’t throw it away because other people are starving out there. I think the best solution is to have machines to pick out all the good good and separate it from the old food.

  11. I think the best way to reduce wasting is to recycle more and make more things recyclable.It surprised me how much food is wasted and not used for actual food.I learned that foods that are thrown away could still be good.

  12. something that surprised me was that l people will actually eat food from the trash .That is nasty its kind cool at they same time bc the food is made out of the trash .

  13. Lots of people are finding old food waste that would have been perfectly fine if they weren’t thrown out. Why would people just throw out perfectly fine food? That really did surprise me, but it also surprised me when people were taking the food and creating new food with the rotten, and old food. I do think that trying to reuse food is a great idea too.

  14. I think lower food prices are better because that why people didn’t buy food and if some one is poor they can buy it.

  15. What surprised me was that, “Most supermarkets won’t buy products that are within 10 days of their expiration date, Ahmed explains.”

    What I learned was that, “Norway’s government takes food waste seriously.”

    And what I think is the best solution to food waste is, if you have a dog to give your leftover breakfast, lunch or dinner to your dog, but if don’t have a dog, then save the leftovers for the next day and eat it. Or you can just feed it to the wild animals outside.

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