Holiday Break 2017-2018

After you have typed your holiday break story you may post it here.  Remember to include great descriptions with interesting adjectives about all of the fun you had!

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  1. My Christmas Break
    By: Joe Bernek
    On our christmas break first I hung out with family. Then opened my presents the next day on christmas eve because my mom had to go to work at five in the morning. The next day was christmas and I was with my family because it was the holidays and it’s all about family to some people.

    A couple days later my cousin came to my house and we stayed up really late every night. Then during the day we didn’t really do a lot except for certain days like saturday morning we went to watch my sister play lacrosse I also play. Then we stayed for a high school game so we were there for a long time like two hours.

    Then after saturday is sunday it was pretty fun after watching the lacrosse game then coming home and watching sports on saturday . The next day was new years eve we went to my friends and my sisters friends house then My mom and my cousin and I went home for the ball to drop then it was the new year. Now it’s monday and it was time for my cousin to go home. And then tuesday I came back to school.

  2. My Christmas Break
    By.kayley coker

    On Christmas eve me and my family went to my grampa’s👴 and ate dinner it was really good then after we opened presents.I got a lot of cool stuff then we stayed some longer and left.

    🎄Then on Christmas day me my sister,mom and dad woke up and went to the tree.Me and my sister opened all are presents.My favorite Christmas present was my tablet.then when we were done me and my sister played with are toys while are dad setup are tablets.When he was done we played on them.Then it was time for dinner we had and after we played with the things we got then after 3 hours⌚ we went to bed.

    On the day before new years eve we went to are mom-moms house and stayed the night.Then on new years eve are cousins came over for new years eve.When are 4 cousins were here there are 3 girls and 1boy.They played with me and 2 of my cousins played on my tablet. While my sister played with my other cousin and then we all went outside accept one we all took a walk. When we came in.We played some more and then after a while are aunt came with her kids.She as a 2 year old she’s so cute and she has a 3 year old named steven.Then we opened are presents we got a lot of cool things.Then me and my cousins showed each other what we got after a while we ate dinner it was really good.After we played some longer and then my cousins left then me and my 2 year old cousin played. Then an hour before the countdown to the new year my aunt left with my cousins.Then after they left we sat there.Then an hour longer we watched the countdown.⌚ When it was done we went to bed we stayed over at are mom-moms again.So that was my Christmas break.

  3. Christmas Day!
    By:Brooklynn Groff!

    Everyone on my dad’s side of the family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. If we
    wouldn’t Christmas would be chaos!

    First, I woke up at 7:00 A.M and I went into my parents room to see if they were awake. They were but of course my brother wasn’t awake, so we had to wait for him to wake up. He woke up and we went downstairs to find the pickle. We have a sparkling pickle ornament that my parents hide on the tree the night before. Whoever finds it first gets to open the first present. My brother and I were looking for it and he found it. We finished opening our presents and then took everything to our rooms. I was so happy because, I got a laptop that I really wanted to get! I wanted to open it but, in 45 minutes we needed to go over to my Grandma and Grandpa’s’ house for a christmas lunch and, I wasn’t ready. I didn’t really want to go over but I was hungry.

    We went over there and we ate. My cousin and her family was over too. We had ham, corn, bread, chips, and veggies. Then, for a little dessert we had some pie. After we were done eating we all cleaned up. I have a 2 year old cousin, who got a little palace tent, her and I can both fit in it at the same time. So we both played with that the rest of the time. Then, it was time to go back over to my house and, it was about 2:00 P.M.

    When we got back over to our house my brother helped me set up my computer. Only because, he couldn’t get his Xbox to work. I did really want to open it. I added my bookmarks and got my accounts set up on it. Then I watched youtube and played games for a while. It was almost 3:30 and we were leaving at 4:00 to go to my Nana’s house with my other family so I had to start getting ready again. Everything was ready so we left to go to our Nana’s house.

    We were the second ones to get there. One of our cousins were there already. So we just put our food down and went over to talk to them. Then, my other cousins came over and we all got our food and ate. After we ate, some of my cousins made up a drawing game! Basically you write down something and pass it. Then you get another paper and draw what they said. Next, You guess the drawing. You have to keep folding it. You keep doing that over and over again until you get your own paper. You see how close it was to your original thing! It’s actually really fun! You never know what to expect! Also if you have a big family then, it’s really fun!

    Next, all the kids played apples to apples. And you never know what someone is going to put in. We played that then some of the boys went to play wii and some played on their phones. My one cousin Emily and I played outburst together. Outburst is a game where you play with at least 1 other person, and you have to pick a card with a category. Then you just guess everything that the card sys on it. It was really fun because we just picked a random one and had to complete it. It was fun but hard!

    Then, we opened our presents. My one uncle has a santa hat and puts it on. Then he passes out all the presents. Then, my Nana gives us all stockings which has candy and little goodies in it. Last, we all packed up and left.

    That was my Christmas day story!
    Hope you liked it!

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