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  1. First i went to my aunts to plan our christmas day and i also made my christmas list there.They had a big christmas tree already set up and they had a xbox and me and my uncle were playing xbox.Then we went to the basement so he could teach me how to play guitar. Then we spent the night at my other aunt’s house and she had a bunch of creepy dolls that looked like they were always staring at you.Also we did not have thanksgiving but then we visited my great grandmothers house and she had a bunch of kittens that were making me sneeze a lot even though i don’t have allergies to pets or anything that i know of and at her house there was turkey,mashed potatoes,gravy,and games like sorry,operation,and chess.and we had lots of fun at her house and i even got to break the wishbone and i got most of it and i wished to get what i wanted for christmas.

  2. This thanksgiving I went to my grandmother’s sister’s house, we were supposed to be there between 12:30 and 1:00 but me and my mom woke up late so we ending up at my grandmother’s sister’s house at about 3:30 and my dad was upset to be late, and I agreed with my dad because we are usually late and this thanksgiving I wanted to be early but it doesn’t matter… and my grandmother’s sister’s house is almost 1 and a half hour’s away and when we got there we had all the leftovers I hated it, all there was was turkey and gravy and mash potatoes

    And then when we left we went to my house and about 4 days later my friend baylie came over and spent the night twice and when her mom has about to pick her up she broke her toe because I was sitting on her shoulders, and we fell so she broke her toe and I sprained my arm.. And that was the last day we had for thanksgiving break. and also when baylie’s mom took her to the doctor’s, the doctor looked at her toe and gave it a xray, then the doctor said it was broken an baylie called me and said that she broke it and I felt really bad… but we’re still best friends!..

    and before baylie came over or any of that happened. and before we had thanksgiving me and baylie went roller skating and it was super fun and we did limbo with the skates on! I couldn’t wait to go skating with baylie again!!! 🙂 so that’s my thanksgiving break!!! Merry early Christmas!!!bye!!! -Sammie S ( finished by this date) 11/28/17

  3. On thanksgiving me and my family get together and have a big party and eat ham,green beans,corn,turkey,tomatoes,rice,potatoes and me and my cousins go outside and play for a long time and then we have to go back inside to eat and so we sit down at the table and eat and then we go back outside and play for a hour or two and then we come back inside and eat cake more turkey and the next day me and my cousins play for for a long time like a hour or two or three and my 3 favorite things for thanksgiving is the first is we get to play for hours and we play all kinds of games we play tag,hide and seek and so time in the day we would go and play on my Xbox 1 and we would play all kinds of games and then we would go ride bikes outside and ride skateboards,scooters and so we would do that for hours and play and play and play so that is my first reason.

    The second reason is that we get to eat turkey and corn and beans and all kinds of stuff oh and turkey stuffing and it is just fun to be with my family and spend time with them and the food is the best food and we get to eat cake and we get to eat cupcakes and we get to eat icecream and we make rootbeer floats and a lot of other things and it is a lot of fun when we get are food we get to go in the tree in my back yard we climb to the top and we all sit in a branch and we eat up on the top of the tree and we talk and then when we are do we first we get down and we take are stuff inside and that is the end of my story

  4. My thanksgiving break
    My thanksgiving break was so cool! First when I got home my brother got home from college! I was so excited for are break off of school. I was able to stay up as late as I want!

    On wednesday we had to get a little ready for thanksgiving but we were going to get ready for most of thanksgiving tomorrow. Then me and my family went to the movies and saw a movie. We got popcorn and slushies at the movies. We did not get back from the movies at until like 10:00.

    Then on thursday it was Thanksgiving! We had a lot to do to get ready for thanksgiving(Because we had Thanksgiving at my house). To eat we had Turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, Brown gravy, and more. The food was so good but I don’t like turkey. Then after everybody left me and my family went black friday shopping. We did not get home from black friday shopping until 1 o’clock in the morning.

    Then on friday we went shopping again, and after we got back from shopping on friday I went to my friends house for a sleepover!

    Then on saturday I was still at my friends house. At my friends house we had a campfire and we had gooey marshmallows and cheese hotdogs. . Then I went home to my house at like 9:00 P.M.

    Then on sunday we went to kohl’s shopping again and I got a dress for are christmas concert! Then my brother went back to college because he had class on monday.

    On monday I just stayed home and helped my mommom (grandma) make roast beef, carrots, mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy for dinner.

    I had such a good Thanksgiving and it was so fun. I was sad that my brother had to go back to college and it was freezing outside but otherwise my week/weekend was good.

    Kayla Kauffman

  5. On Thursday we went to my uncle’s house and ate there. We had snacks at first so everything could get done faster, so for are snacks we had solomie,crackers,chips,cheese.well i did not eat the snacks because they were nasty. Then the thanksgiving food came out we all sat down as one big happy family and my family members that were there were my yem yem,pop pop,my cousins,mom,dad,sisters,brothers,and my aunt brigit. My aunt brigit can be rude sometimes but not all the time. So let me tell you a little bit about my family. My yem yem is tall and very nice. Pop pop is cool and he takes me places.my cousins are mean but we still love each other and never split apart.my brothers and sisters are MEAN we sometimes fight and play but at the end we still love each other.my mom and dad are my heros they help me with my surroundings and protect me from danger.

    One thing that i love about thanksgiving is that when my family gets together as one big happy family on one cool holiday.

  6. Thanksgiving break

    On Wednesday I went to my friends house and we played all sorts of games with her little sister and we even spied on her older sister while she was playing basketball. I was there for as couple hours. Then i went home and I went to my grandpa’s with my mom, brother and dog.

    On Thanksgiving day we went into my grandma’s to eat. We talk for a little then we get ready to eat, we say grace then we start to eat. We eat turkey fresh for the oven with when it steaming and has a crisp layer , hamm with a wonder full glaze , corn, stuffing as soft as fresh bread , mash potatoes smooth and creamy and so much more. After everybody is done we have dessert, and this year we celebrated my cousin’s birthday with ice cream cake with an amazing chocolate layer and the most wonderful taste . After we’re done with cake we exchange names for secret santa, I got my grandma. For secret santa they right down two things and you get them those two things but it must be under $50.
    Last we all play games and talk about what happened and what we have plans to do.

    On Black Friday I went to my friends house and we did the same thing spying on her sister and playing games. Then my mom got home early at 4:00 and we did some shopping at Target and kmart. Then we went back home to pick up my dad to go to Panda Garden then we did a lot more shopping and didn’t get back until midnight/

    On Saturday my mom didn’t go to work so we went shopping at the outlets around 11:50, we got our secret santa stuff. Then we went to Olive Garden (Yum!) at like 1:00. Later we went to target and got home around 5:00 and ate. They watched some movies and went to bed.

    On sunday we did even more shopping at the outlets. And got a lot more present. That was all i did on sunday.

    Then on Monday I took a nap, watched TV, played with my dog and watched YouTube. My favorite part of the day was when I took a nap.

  7. On thanksgiving me and my family get together and have a big party and eat ham,green beans,corn,turkey,tomatoes,rice,potatoes and me and my cousins go outside and play for a long time and then we have to go back inside to eat and so we sit down at the table and eat and then we go back outside and play for a hour or two and then we come back inside and eat cake more turkey and the next day me and my cousins play for for a long time like a hour or two or three and my 3 favorite things for thanksgiving is the first is we get to play for hours and we play all kinds of games we play tag,hide and seek and so time in the day we would go and play on my Xbox 1 and we would play all kinds of games and then we would go ride bikes outside and ride skateboards,scooters and so we would do that for hours and play and play and play so that is my first reason.

    The second reason is that we get to eat turkey and corn and beans and all kinds of stuff oh and turkey stuffing and it is just fun to be with my family and spend time with them and the food is the best food and we get to eat cake and we get to eat cupcakes and we get to eat icecream and we make rootbeer floats and a lot of other things and it is a lot of fun when we get are food we get to go in the tree in my back yard we climb to the top and we all sit in a branch and we eat up on the top of the tree and we talk and then when we are do we first we get down and we take are stuff inside and that is the end of my second reason.

  8. First I woke up we ate breakfast and watched the Macy’s parade.Then we got dressed and cleaned up.My mom and mom-mom finished make thanksgiving dinner.Last we got in the car and left to my cousins house to drop off some food and then we left their house and our cousins came to our house.

    Then me my sister and cousins played scarecrow it’s where one person is the scarecrow and then the other players go hide and the scarecrow goes and find the other players the the first person to be found is the scarecrow and we played in a field.
    And then we got cold so we went inside and watched tv.We had a popsicle and then after we went outside and ride scooters.Then my sister and my cousin went inside and me and my cousin jordyn rode scooters and we sat on them and rode them in till it was dark and my cousin leyah and sister rode with us.Then we played tag in the dark.

    Then we went back inside and then a few minutes later are aunt came and are cousins.Then we all played and we ate a wonderful thanksgiving dinner it was really good then they stayed a little bit longer when they left we all went to bed.


  9. Hi Mrs. Dissinger, this is my Thanksgiving story

    Thanksgiving Break
    By Kane L.

    During Thanksgiving break I went to my cabin and my family had so much fun. We played ping pong, air hockey, volleyball, skip-po, and shanghai (a card game). We watched football and a movie. Are favorite thing to do at the cabin during Thanksgiving is to play shanghai. One time we had so many people wanting to play that we had to have two different groups of six, and six is still a lot for one game. We also played a game called Loaded Questions. When you play this game someone comes up with a question and you have to come up with an answer, funny or not funny it doesn’t matter. And the answers are usually they are hilarious.

    My family’s cabin is in Rothrock State Forest. It has three floors, a basement, the main floor, and an up stares. It has a fireplace and we have a ping pong table and a air hockey table in the basement.

    Me and my family like hunting so we go every year. This year I went hunting with my dad and my brother but we didn’t get anything. On the other hand my cousin Kelsey, her husband shot a gray fox and my cousin Arika, her husband shot a turkey.

    Saturday night we played volleyball. Every year we play volleyball and we have a fire going on outside because it gets frigid sometimes. When we get done playing volleyball we usually sit by the fire and tell funny stories. Then we go inside and watch a movie.

    Sunday was the day that we left. I didn’t want to, but my sister said that she wanted to go at 12:00 PM. So we packed and we stayed till around 12:00. Then we said bye to everyone left and we got back home at around 2:30 PM.

    I was happy to be home, but I wasn’t happy because I wanted to still be at the cabin, but I was glad to be home with me dogs. At least I got to be at the cabin and I could be with my family for Thanksgiving.

    What are you thankful for?

    I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my doggos (dog-ose).

  10. My thanksgiving day
    By: Joe Bernek
    First I woke up and then started to get ready for the day. Then we left but it would be a horribly long car ride so we were bored. But once we arrived I got to see my family. When we were together we did activities and just talked. Then we ate and the family enjoyed being with each other because we live far away from each other. After we ate I played tag and museum with my cousins. Museum is a game where you stand somewhere and if the person that is it sees you move your out it super fun.

    Next I talked to people I didn’t really get to see so it was one of my chances to see them. Most of my cousins and I talked about christmas and what we wanted. When it was time most of my family members left we had to clean up it took forever and it was boring. Then it was time for us to leave but we had to say bye to the people still their.

    The end of my day was leaving it was really late and a long car ride so I just…did nothing. When my family and I got home my mom Asked “ How was all of your thanksgiving today “ I said “ mine was great “ My day was amazing because I got to be with family I don’t really see a lot I thought that was awesome. Hopefully you had an amazing thanksgiving.

  11. My thanksgiving day

    My thanksgiving day was awesome !
    Beginning First we got up then we got dressed then we put our shoes on and then we brushed our hair and then we went into the car and then we went to our grandparents house and then we went to go up stairs and play around up there and then we heard someone come in the door and it was our ant,uncle,and cousins and then we went up stairs again and started playing with them and then we went to go ask our mom if we could go play outside and she said yes and then we went outside and went down the stairs slowly and then we went and played some games like tag and we played tag for a long time and then we made a game where we had to beat the cars by running and if we beat the cars we win but if we don’t beat the cars we lose and when we were playing the game Alyssa always had to hold our little sister’s hand and then we made her base be really close so that she can beat the cars too without anyone having to hold her hand and it did work out and then when we played that game for awhile we played wrestling and our brother was the rock and our cousin Ryan was John cena and Alyssa and I was the bella twins and our little sister Alexis was baylie and when we all went out to the ring we started wrestling lightly and then our ant went outside and got us for supper and then we went inside and went to our seats for supper and before we ate we prayed and then when we were done praying we ate supper and then when Alyssa and I ate all of our supper we got more and then we ate all of that and then when we ate all of that we went back upstairs and then started playing for a little and then we went back down and then put our sweatshirts on and then we went outside and started wrestling for a while and then we got really cold and then we kept on trying to beat cars and then we were going to roll down the hill then we decided to not and then for a little bit we did not know what to do.
    Middle: Next we went inside because we were cold and then we went to celebrate our cousin jordans birthday and then we ate the cake and then we went to go back upstairs and played some music for 20 minutes and then we played doctors and then we played a game where someone is the cashier and then three people are the people who go shopping and then we went to go down stairs and check how everybody was doing and then we saw that our dad was going to put whip cream on the pumpkin pie and then he accidentally put it on his dad’s arm and it was really funny and everybody was laughing a lot.
    End:we went down stairs and then we started drawing some pictures and then it was time to go home and then we fell asleep.

  12. On thanksgiving I was in pittsburgh in a motel waiting for the morning because at 8:00PM i’m going to a steelers game and it supposed to be cold and on the way there we we’re walking there there was sooo many people walking on the sidewalk and there was a lot of homeless people that a doubt that they were homeless but this one guy looked homeless and on the way there there was a lot of steelers stores like they selled terrible towels jerseys and gloves and hats stuff like that finally we get

    there it’s a huge stadium there was a big flag looking thing with antonio brown on it when we went in we started heading to our seats but we got food before we went in and we got fries and read for this a footlong hotdog it was about this long _________________________ and I was like oh my gosh but i split it with my cousin and we ate our halfs and then we got fries and then a some and then went to our seats and we needed to sit there for like one hour we took a whole bunch of pictures to show our family one hour later it finally started this is what the field looked like are seats we’re two the left and after like overtime it was freezing and I wanted to get close enough to get my jersey signed by antonio brown in the beginning of the game the score was 6-6 then it was like 12-12 somthing like that and then at the end of the game the score was 31-28 the steelers won!!! Yay then we went to a store too eat food like I got chicken it wasn’t turkey but it was close enough it was so fun!!!

  13. Hi Mrs. Dissinger this is my story

    Thanksgiving Break
    By Dalton

    My thanksgiving break was fun. We ate a big meal we had gravy,ham,beef,green beans,mashed and sweet potatoes stuffing, and of course turkey. The turkey was burning hot, and it was so delicious. The green beans were disgusting but i still ate it. My favorite was the ham. After that we watched some football then we went outside and played football ourselves.
    Then we played games inside with the rest of our family. We played lots 1 for example you got an plate and a sharpie then we put the plate on your head upside down every one tried to draw the same thing and whoever was closest to it won. Then we watched movies it was late so me and my brothers played video games all night and finally fell asleep. The next day we ate breakfast then watched more movies. Then we went outside played basketball. Then 2 hours later we came inside and played more games. I played with my brothers dog that he brought over about 30 minutes later i stopped and started playing video games by myself about 2 hours later i ate leftovers from the meal yesterday they were ice cold so i had to warm them up.
    Then i went back to my room and played more video games by myself. After that about 3 hours later we took an family picture then i played more games by myself. Then about 1 hour later i stopped we all played more games together talked my brothers went home then i played my ps4 for the rest of the night. The rest day i woke up played video games then i played basketball by myself for 2 and an half hour i ate lunch played more video games. The End

  14. Beging

    First I woke and got excited.I got out of bed and ran down the stairs.When I got down stairs,everybody was waiting for me and we sat down and ate.After that,me and my family got blankets and sat on the couch to watch the parade.After that, everybody went up stairs and get dressed,but me and my dad stayed down to watch a little bit of the dog show.


    After watching a little bit of the dog show, my cousins from Delaware Maddy and Tyler came to are house.Me and my dad went up stairs and got dressed.After getting dressed ,we took 2 cars and drove all the way to Mannheim to my mom’s parents house.There was my nana and papa and my other cousins.We all sat down at the table and ate thanksgiving.After we ate,My nana made us write down the things we want for christmas.Then me and my cousin Norah got are birthday presents.{my birthday was before thanksgiving and my cousin norah is a fter thanksgiving}.I opened my presents.First I opened the first package,and it was ripley’s believe it or not and guinness world records 2018.I open my last present from my nana and papa and it was a awesome remote control car.Then I open my present from my cousins Uncle Steve,Aunt Nicole,Laney,Norah,and Sidney.They got me 2 shirts.One of them had a nfl logo on it and the other one was an olympics shirt for 2018.They also got me a 50 dollar gift card to kohl’s and a 25 dollar gift card to gamestop.Then after that I went to the TV to watch the Detroit Lions vs The Minnesota Vikings for a little bit.Then we headed back to the table to have dessert.When I got there everybody sings happy birthday and I got a chocolate bomb.Then we all had dessert.I just had the chocolate bomb and some nutella ice cream.Then after dessert,My mom,Abby,Alex and Maddy said that they were going black friday shopping.Then me my dad and Tyler stayed.Then after dessert me Norah and Sidney went swimming in my nana and papa’s indoor pool.We played games like marco polo and how can hold their breath the long and more.After about a good hour and a half my dad said that we need to get out of the pool.So I dried off and got my clothes on.After I got my things on I had one more gift,It was from my cousins grandma Mary.She gave me a card with 10 dollars in it.After that me my dad and Tyler got in the truck,and headed home.


    Once we got home I tried out my new remote control car and it was awesome.Then I asked Tyler if he wanted to play a game and he said yes.So then Tyler picked out call of duty.I got rect and then my dada play against Tyler.And he got more rect than I did.Then I did story mode for about an hour.Then Abby,Alex,Maddie and my mom came home from black friday shopping.They got a lot of clothes and other stuff.They did not get me any thing,But it was okay.Then Maddie said that her and Tyler had to get home.So we said goodbye to Maddie and Tyler and they left for Delaware.Then I got a muffin and went on to the computer to watch youtube for about an hour.Then my dad set the alarm.And went upstairs to bed.Before I went
    to bed and I thought,”that was the best thanksgiving ever,”.THE END.

  15. That story was amazing you put so many details in like cooking. You also told who was at your thanksgiving. I like the fact that you gave people who didn’t have food the leftovers. I like that because not many people do that.

  16. Thanksgiving Break.
    By: Brooklynn Groff

    The first thing I did on Thanksgiving break was clean my house. My mom LOVES Christmas so we decorate a little early. We wanted to clean the house so then on Friday we can decorate. We only cleaned some of the downstairs, the kitchen, middle room, and living room. The kitchen took the most time and my Mom has a tiny obsession with magnets. Then we just ate dinner and went upstairs.

    Then it was Thanksgiving day. On Thanksgiving day my Mom, Dad, Brother, my families friend, and I went over to my Grandma and Grandpas house to eat. We all set up the table and brought out the food the turkey was humongous. The mashed potatoes were steamy. Then we all ate. We probably started to clean up the food at 1:00. After we are done cleaning we all sat and watched TV. Then we all went back to our house. We had about 2 hours until we had to leave for my Nana’s house. At my Nana’s house we waited until everyone got there to eat. My cousin came home from the marines! We ate played on our phones and played a game we made up. Lastly, went home and went to bed.

    The next day was Black Friday. We don’t do Black Friday shopping we would but we don’t want to deal with traffic, finding a parking spot, people, lines, and the prices are still expensive. So we don’t go anywhere. My Mom and Grandma decided that we will decorate our porch for Christmas. We got all our things together and went to the porch. We decorated then went in the house. My Mom and I got all our Christmas stuff for the inside and we decorated. We just don’t have our tree. We did that all day than ate and went to green dragon then went to our house.

    The next day was Saturday. On Saturday we chilled until 2:00. 2:00 My Dad came home and we all went to Walmart. We went to Walmart to get either a dress or skirt and top for the Chorus concert. We didn’t find anything so we got food and left. The Walmart we go to has and Arby’s by it so we went there for lunch. Since we didn’t find anything there we went to the Goodwill that is close to it and found a top. After that on our way home my aunt texted my Mom and asked if she and I wanted to go to a Christmas thing at the Cloister. So we went she came and picked us up and we had a good time. My Nana or their Mom works there and we surprised her by going. It was really different than what I’m used to. Then we went to the shop and brought some things. Lastly, my aunt took us back home and dropped us off. We went in and went to bed.

    On Sunday we didn’t go anywhere because football games were on. It was the Eagles vs. Bears and my family likes the Eagles so we we watched. We watched the Eagles beat the Bears. It was an amazing game. Then my Dad called me downstairs. He wanted to put lights up in the house for Christmas. My Dad always puts up the lights but, I tell him where they go. He put the lights up and then the rest of the day we did nothing really. We ate dinner then went to bed.

    Finally it was our last day of Thanksgiving Break. We would have to go to school tomorrow. So my Mom and I went to a different Goodwill than before to see if we could find a dress or a skirt that would match the shirt that we picked out before. So we looked and found to skirts and bought them. Then, we had to go shopping for our friend that came over for Thanksgiving, we go grocery shopping for her. Her dog is very funny. So we did than dropped it off to her. We went home and I tried on my skirts that we bought with my shirt. Next, we had to leave to my Nana’s to clean up her place. So we went and cleaned up. We stayed there for a little then left. We did nothing else that day but eat and relaxed.

    That was my Thanksgiving Break Narrative!

  17. Thanksgiving break
    First when i got to my cousin house my cousin rode me on his clutch dirt bike it was fast. When i was done i pet the dogs all of them my cousins have 5 adult and 5 little puppys and 3 cats.1 of them were fat 2 0ne was skinny and the last one was cam. We let the golden retriever out on a leash to walk it then i and then i played football with my cousins it was 20 to 11 i was on the winning team but then my cousin eric came so then i was on the other team so then we almost were defeated but we beat them by one tuchdoun my 2 brothers were on that team. That loved me. My cousin zack said if you can cach you can play i made it a i played when we were done we went in side and we played a russian game outside and we stayed up until 1 in the morning and then we left and brushed my teeth and went to sleep and i said it was fun to day and went to sleep.

  18. Thanksgiving Break By: Makayla Sheetz

    Here is what I did on Thanksgiving weekend.

    First, I woke up on Thanksgiving day and got dressed into a blue long sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans, cheetah socks and brown boots. I got 3 packets of oatmeal, got a bowl and a spoon, got a cup, put water in it, put it in the microwave, set it for 3 minutes, started it, opened the packets, poured the oatmeal in the bowl, put the spoon in, took the water out of the microwave, mixed the water with the oatmeal and ate it.

    Next, Me, my Dad, his girlfriend Ashley, Ashley’s daughter Paislee, Ashley’s son Gabriel and Ashley’s son Ethan went to Nan-Nan’s house and we ate lunch. I ate turkey, bread, and chicken. And for Dessert I had salted nuts, crackers, and almonds covered with chocolate and peanut butter. And I went to my Mom’s and we had dinner. I ate turkey, and a bread roll. And for Dessert I had a purple 2 layered cake with pink candy beads on it.

    Finally, Me, my Mom, David, Lillian and Kayleigh went in the car and we played our tablets. And we saw the Christmas lights next to Waw. And kept playing our tablets until we got home. And when we got home we ate dirt pudding. And when I went back to my Dad’s we got a Elf on the shelf.

    This is what I did on Thanksgiving weekend.

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