Food Truck Expo 2018

Did you have breakfast this morning?  Maybe an egg sandwich or some toast or a bagel?  Do you need a taco or grilled cheese for lunch or a steak, burger, and some fish for dinner?  We’ve got you covered!  Throw in a popcorn snack, some chicken fries, and definitely ice cream, a cupcake, or a shake for dessert!

We worked hard to learn about local agriculture products and the economy.  We displayed our food truck models and business plan slides at our Food Truck Expo in the cafeteria on February 1st, 2018.

Look for our student comments on this post.  We started our comments in the form of I Learned…..I Liked……I wonder.



17 thoughts on “Food Truck Expo 2018

  1. I learned that there are multiple important agriculture items in Pennsylvania. I liked designing my food truck. I liked it because I got to paint and add stickers. I wonder if people would actually come to my food truck when they’re running late.

  2. I learned how to run a food truck.

    I liked presenting because I wanted to share my Ideas with other people .

    `I wonder how farmers raise beef cattle.

  3. I learned that ekonomiks (economics) are important. I liked that we got to make a food truck. mine was made of legos.
    I wonder if we can do this again or something like this.

  4. I learned that it’s very hard to make a business (moneywise and stuff like that). I liked how we get to be creative! Because it is fun! I wonder why we have to do this… From, Ashlyn Graham

  5. I learned that it is hard to be a food truck person and it is a lot of work. I liked that we got to make a food truck and you get to go to other places. I wonder how much it will cost to own two food trucks and how much money you will get in 3 years.

  6. I learned how to be a entrepreneur.I liked building a food truck.I wonder what it would be like if I had to make that many cupcakes.

  7. I liked how we made our food trucks! I learned it takes time to make a food truck! and I wondered how many customers I would really get

  8. I liked that we got to let our creativity flow and we didn’t have to just go out and buy something and present it. I learned that not everything is easy and that you need to improvise and just keep trying. I wish that we got to do lots more things like this.

  9. I learned about entrepreneur and I liked that we got to decorate the food truck and I wonder why do we have to do a lot of things for it and I also liked that we did the food truck expo and I wondered how long are we going to keep on working on this.

  10. I learned how to raise a dairy cow! I liked making my business plan because… I had fun researching and making my logo and stuff like that. I also liked the expo I thought it was really cool and it was a fun experience.I wonder how many gallons of water dairy cows drink each week.

  11. I learned that when your raising dairy cattle you need to have a large grassy field and that they can drink up to 35 to 40 gallons of water a day. I wondered how much dairy cattle cost. I liked that we could go try everybody else’s food that they brought in.

  12. I learned. That you need to work hard and don’t give up.I liked how we built our food truck and drew it and it was fun by like figuring it out.I wonder how much money it is for a food truck.and how much money is it to make to own food truck.

  13. I learned quite a bit from this amazing project, like what entrepreneurs are, & also how you would run a food truck, and lots of new ideas about Pennsylvania agriculture. This was my favorite thing that we did this year because everyone in the grade, got a chance to participate in the expo.

    I really liked how there were lots of samples for everybody to try. Also, there were lots of parents that got to come to the expo, along with our teachers.

    I wonder what our next fun project together as a grade will be?

    Please come and comment on my blog!!!

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