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  1. I have a Problem the problem is I do not have the
    money I need to By A Kindle and I am Going to Do A Lemonade stand To Get the Money I need then I can have the money to By the Kindle. I have some one that is going to help me and is name is Joseph and he is helping me sell lemonade and we will sell as much lemonade and I Hop we sell A lot
    more. then I thank and sell 99 cups A Day and get the money I need. From Davante Martin

  2. i liked reading the lemonade war cause it was about two people who were going to be in the same class. the one `person was not happy and they started a lemonade war and who ever won the lemonade war the loser would have to give the winner all the money and so far Jessie was winning so far so her brother took all her money to just keep it over night and in the morning he would give the money back Jessie was winning so far and Evan did not want her to so he took all her money cause he wanted to win and not Jessie he was jealous that Jessie is winning and Evan does not want to hand over his money cause he want’s to win and not Jessie he wants to have all the money to him self so he can buy something.by lila

  3. i thought the lemonade war was a good book cause it was about two people who were going to be in the same fourth grade class and then Evan does not want to talk to his sister and then they just start a lemonade war to see who razes the most money and who ever won gets to take all the losers money Jessie wants to donate it to the animal rescue center to save animals lives so they can live forever to. by Lila

  4. “Hey Andrew wanna go swimming?”
    “yea go ask joseph if he wants to go swimming?”
    “yea i can’t wait to get in. oh my! it is cold! shiver shiver.” Andrew jumped in.
    “wow it is cold” joseph said. “let’s do a splash contest.”
    ” i’ll go first” said noah. judges Noahs score 5. your turn joseph.
    woohoo 10 is Joseph’s score. andrews turn

    “I’m scared” said andrew and then he runs back to the other side of the pool. ahh andrew said i tripped. oh no u broke the water machine.
    what’s that said joseph
    it’s the thing that put water in the pool. oh no another problem. You broke the plastic off the tube the plastic make the tube stay in the machine. how are we gonna get money to fix it or buy another? i have an idea we can sell ice cream. joseph does the money. noah gets the ice cream out. and andrew ask the the customer what he wants. oh hello sir.
    i want a chocolate ice cream please
    ok that would be 50 cents. please ok here u go. thank u come again.
    hey want some ice cream.
    oh man is that your harley davidson.
    yep just got it 20 thousand dollars. oh yea i would like choclate mint ice cream.
    coming right up here u go. we need 20 more dollars 2 ice creams. is 1 dollar
    i’ll take 2 both choclate.
    thank u
    hey i would like 4 bowls. of ice cream
    than would be 15 dollars ok. YES we got 20 dollars. lets go to the pool store. the pool tube is 20 dollars. ill take it lets put this on. yes it works.
    kids time to go to bed. 🙁

  5. Lemonade robot Justin Joe and Andrew
    and Noah were great friends who wanted
    To buy the new game min-craft but they needed.
    money so Justin and Joe Andrew and Noah
    Open a lemonade stand Joe had the ice
    Andrew sqweesd lemons and Justin gave the. lemonade and Noah made A chart we sold 44
    lemonade on Tuesday but on Thursday we only
    sold 18 lemonade but then we saw a robot in.
    Justin garage Then the robot entertain them
    then on Saturday we sell 58 lemonade we
    had enough money to buy to min craft games.
    It was a awesome day

  6. Me and my brother went cave mining. We found like 500 jewels. So we got a jig saw and sawed it out. We took it out to the surface. We mined it. We got wood we built a stand and got jewels on the table. We soled 27 but we saw a guy that was like frozen. We had like 10 people. We said to the guy you are good do you want to help us we said he said yes. So we got twice as much money for our tablet so we counted the money we got 986 dollars. We spit it whit the guy. Me and my brother went to Verizon and bought a tablet. We saw what he bought the guy bought a pool he allowed us to get in it and play. We got all wet. We got out. We went home and played on the tablet. THE END!!!!

  7. My story is getting a new puppy… and here it is one summer day i wanted a new puppy my parents kept saying no but i would not stop begging until they said yes. One day i asked them and they said yes but they did not tell me until the day we got her it was a big surprise. Then the day came it was still a surprise we went to the place me and Ella had to choose the dog we wanted and it was a girl here name was curly cause she had a curly tail when we picked her one of the owners started crying cause that was one of her favorite dog we still got her on the way back we changed her name to Abby we took her home and gave her a bath she was from a farm it was the best day of of my life.We still have her i bet i can bring a picture of her in and show the whole class what she looks like. She is so cute the end by Lila

  8. i hope you like my story and the month of it was July her birthday is April 14 she is one of my favorite puppy she was not the only one my old dog sketcher but we had to put him to sleep he was 15 teen years old that was old just for a dog i miss him so much but he his still my angel and my favorite dog my dog Abby used to grab a hold of his skin under is neck and they once sketcher was sleeping and Abby came up to him and slept with him Abby would always want him to play with her even wen he wanted to sleep they would play tug aware my cousin Jackson loved playing tug aware with sketcher the one time he came over and asked were sketcher was we told him that we had to put him to sleep and then he was sad and then he started playing tug of war with Abby he loves playing tug of war with our dogs but we only have one he cracks me up wen Abby would yank and then pull Jackson down and started dragging him around the house he his so funny he cracks me up were i laugh and i can not breath that is how hard i laugh i love my family and my cousins and of course my dogs. the end

  9. Matthew said “what are we going to do we have chikins on the loos and we don’t have the mony to get a new one”. ” We can sell ice pops and grean tea” said Skyler. “I will ceap trak of how much we sell” said Shary. On Monday Mrs. Dissinger made ice pops and c Cora got grean tea from walmart. Skyler, Matthew, Andrew, and Noah made the stand. The next day Winy bohgt 1 pop for $1.00. on Wednesday Ashaly bohgt 5 cups of grean tae and 5 ice pops. Joe boght 2 grean tea and 5 ice pops. Demetere bohgt 50 galons of grean tea and 60 boxs of ice pops for $126.01. On thusday sarah bohgt 1 pop. On fryday som bohgt 10 cups of grean tea and 1 pop in all we earnd $254. 98.

  10. Me and my friend Cora need a new a new bike are bike is to small for us.Cora lets sell ice cream. But it will melt Kyla said. We can yous my cooler said Cora . what kind of ice cream should we buy chocolate and vanilla said Cora. people love chocolate said Kyla. I have to go said Cora. tomorrow we can build the stand. ok said Cora

    the next day kyla meet Cora house. hi Cora hi kyla

  11. Kayla and Kayley both wanted a new bike but they only had 20$ all together.

    The next day Kayley came over to Kayla’s house and said Kayla why don’t we make Popsicle Kayley said. Kayla said why would we make Popsicle’s. Kayely said to sell them to make money so we can buy a new bike.

    Then they went outside and set up a Popsicle stand.then Kayla said I’ll write down on a peace of paper how many Popsicle’s we sell each day. Then Kayley said i will count the money we make each day and I will write that on a peace of paper.

    The next day they started to sell Popsicle’s. they sell the Popsicle’s for 50 cents each. That day they also put some music on the song Timber.

    Then the first costumer came and got a Popsicle and told all his friends to come buy a Popsicle. Then Kayley started to yell Popsicle’s for sale 50 cents each. Then 10 more costumer’s came over.

    Then at the end of the week they counted up the money and they got 300$. They sell 600 Popsicle’s. They were both able to get a bike.

  12. We were all set and ready to go and we went down to the lake and saw our boat was broken! We need some money to fix our boat, But where are we going to get the money? My brother said that we could get a job but it would be too hard. I said we could do some chores and maybe if we still don’t have enough to pay, We can help our neighbors. I don’t think we should do that with my second thought. My brother said we should sell something! I know said my brother, We can sell some of our toys! Your right I said (Shouting) Lets get right to work then, I looked for a lot to sell! But we only need a little, So I kept going and oh – boy! We have a lot! Well now we can buy so much stuff, We can buy: Snacks, maybe a boat or to or three! Who knows said my brother. So back to work! We sat at our drive – way and said: New toys for sale! – New toys for sale! Only $15 dollars! People came running down there and just like that! They were gone.Only one toy left. But a little girl said, how much us this toy?, With only 50 cents in her hand. I said for you its free. She said, Thank – you and left. We had enough money for whatever we would need! And bought whatever we need, And still some money to spare. And left happier than ever!!!
    The end.

  13. One day there was a family and a horse. But one day they ran out of hay for that horse. So she went to her friends houses and said do you want to sell orange juice? And they said their name’s were Lila,Cora,Kayla,Sherry and Sue. Sarah will count how many cups we will sell and Lila will make the juice then Cora will put sugar and stir then Kayla will put ice in and shake it then Sherry pour it in the cups then Sue will give it to the people and the juice will cost $1.00 to get it.

    On Monday they sold 50 cups and that would be $50.00. On Tuesday they sold 60 cups and that is $60.00. On Wednesday they sold 80 cups and that is $80.00. On Thursday they sold only 5 cups and we said Skyler was selling pizza and I said, “Do you want to sell together?” and he said, “yes”. Then on Friday they sold 100,000,000,000,000 and will be a lot of money.

    Then they got some hay for the horse then Sarah asked do you want to be our friend? And he said yes.

    They all lived a happy life

    The end

  14. Problem:They can’t buy a bunny.
    To get a bunny they sell lemonade to people. First Kayley puts water into the cup then Dimitri squeezes the lemon’s Into the cup and Mrs. Dissinger mixes the water and the lemon’s together and Lila gives the lemonade to the people. Taryn keeps track of the money to buy a baby bunny.Then the next week they do it again and they get more money.Then the third week they did it again and again and they kept getting more and more money.Then the fourth week Kayley put the water into the cup then Dimitri squeezes the lemon’s into the cup and Mrs.Dissinger mixes the water and lemon’s
    together and Lila gives the lemonade to the people and Taryn takes track of the money to buy a cute baby bunny. The next day they did it again and again to buy a cute little baby bunny.

  15. Ashley and Kayley wanted a new swimming pool Because there’s isn’t i good shape. So they all dicided to do a lemonade stand.Ashley got the lemonade stand, Kayley made the lemonade, and Sam got people to buy lemonade.

    The first person to buy the lemonade is Mrs. Dissinger Their 3rd grade teacher. they were so happy too see her. Mrs. Dissinger bought 5 cups. The next person to buy the lemonade was Winnie. She bought 3 cups.

    Sam and Ashley and Kayley thought they were doing a great job. Because the whole neighborhood came. And they sold 500 cups. each cup cost 1$. They raised 508 dollars too. Then this girl Sherry that went to there class Decided too help. Then more people showed up. the same people. This time Sherry said, “who wants some ice cold lemonade?” so did Sam. Then 10 people came. now they had 518 dollars. they just had enough to buy a new swimming pool!!!! The End.

  16. one day nick was selling gum and he was trying to make money to get a dog the dog was 200$ so he set up a stand and the first day he got 10$ the next day he got 40$ he said to his mom do you think people will buy my gum she said yes so he cep selling gum the next day this rich rich man said i will buy all the lemonade i will give you 200$ for all of the lemonade so the story begins. the end. nick is a kid and moms name is sam

  17. William wants a kindle but he dose not have enough money and he hopes Mrs. Dissinger will give him some money but she only gives him $ 0.01.his friends Kohl, and Dmitri they give me half of what William needs.
    Sarah gives him a quart of what he needs. Lucas gives him $0.25.Zack gives him $0.10.
    Nathan gives him $0.05.Justin gives him $0.04.
    Kyla gives him $1.00. all the students,teachers in the the school gives him $30.00 and he sells lemonade the first person to buy lemonade is drum roll please Mrs. Dissinger!

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