Our Favorite Books for 2016

What is your favorite book?  Provide at least 3 details about the character, plot, and setting, but don’t give away the ending!  Why should your friends read it?

46 thoughts on “Our Favorite Books for 2016

  1. My faverite book is Mrs. Roopy is Loopy. The setting is at a school. at the beging the boy goes to school and can’t wate till the next day. In the middle, at the libery the the libarein was not there and George Washington was there insed. the caritcters are a.j., Ryan, emily, amndea, and Michael. you shoud read this book because it is exsiting.

  2. My favorite book is Junie b.Jones and the stuiped smelly bus.In the begging Junie b. and her mom goes to meet her kindergarten teacher. the teacher shows them around the room then the teacher asks if she is going to ride the bus and the mom said yes she is then she yells and then the next day she went on the bus when she did it smelled and when more people got on it got hot when they got to school people push and Junie b. fell and got steped on so she had to dust her self because she had a footprint on her. Then she ran to her class room and someone was in her chair so she had to site in a yellow chair. Then her class toured the school. Then it was time to go home so they lined up expect her Because she was hiding then the hole class left and she was the only one there. Then she needed a drink so she had to peek out the door.Then she saw that she was the only one.so she peeked in the boys restroom then she went differnt places.Then she had to go to the bathroom and so she ran to the girls rest room but the door were locked so she yelled that she will have a bad accident so that’s all I can tell you

  3. My favorite book isRotten School Got Cake?

    It is really funny. The year book is called the rotten egg and in the school if they see new shoes on a student they step on them for the longest time that is why it’s my favorite.

  4. My favoret book is Top 10 Dedliest Sharks. Starting with the tenth going to the first the first is Bull shark, secend is Grate white. to find out what the rest are you will have to read it. One of my favorite things about sharks is that there are a lot of different kinds of sharks.

  5. my favorite book of 2016 is best of gaming 2016. the characters are Steve, Luke sky walker and Darth Vader. there is no setting. My friends should read it because they like gaming.

  6. My favorite book is miss Nelson is back in the beginning miss Nelson says that shes getting her tonsils out so shes not going to be teaching for a little wile.Next a big kid from room 309 says that the kids from room 207 might get the meanest teacher miss swamp shes a real witch says the kid from room 309 Then. the kids from room 207 were scared of getting miss swamp but instead they got a boring principal!!!!!!

  7. My favorite book is I Love horses and pony’s. It has funny pictures and it has a horse that is named Barb and she is so cool and cute. One of the funny pictures is a horse that are pointing
    to go to the horse stall to take a nap. There are these other horses and they are called clown horses and they can make funny things with their ears, like they can point which way to go. And they can do other things too! Its cool but I still have a lot to read.

  8. My favorite book is about school. it is about where these kids hat school and never want to go to school again. i like school apparently they don’t.what do you think about school do you like school?!!!!!!!!!

    • My favorite book is
      I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

    . The characters are chet , the shark , uncle Jerry , mom , Dewey , Sid , Monty , a man , marston . At a time in the book chet met a captain on a ship! The reason that you should read it is because it is awesome and it has sharks ! 🙂

  9. by-Ashley Bair
    My favorite book is Ramona and her mother because Ramona’s mother almost ran her feet and I like it because they got to have some time alone.there is 2 people in the book and the two people are Ramona and her mother.

  10. Davante April 18 2016 my Best book is called goose bumps their was a man named R . L
    Stine and he rote a lot of books and they were monster books and one day they be came a live and then they got worse and then he locked them in books and then one day a family move in and the mom had a son namedZack and one night he and a friend and they fond the books and they did not know that
    monster in the books wood be come a liveand then they fond the key to the books and then they unlock one book and a monster be came a live and the the tried to get it back in the book and then they got it back in the book and one of the books was a bad bad monster and is name was Slappy and he fond out that
    R .L Stine chried to put him back in the book and then slappy got all the books and then
    slappy unlock all the books and then R .L Stinehad to get all the monster he have ever created back in the books and they had to tell everybody that was not froze and R .L Stine had to
    right one story to get all the monster back in the book.

    • I like that book too isn’t it a awesome book do you love it ?I do and it also sounds awesome happy summer ! 🙂

    • i also like goosebumps books cause they are awesome and scary well they are not scary to me only to my sister though cause she does not like monsters they give her night mares but not me cause i am not scared of monsters they are just fake my sister thinks they are real that is not true at all i keep telling her that she does not listen and still gets nigh mares.

  11. I like the minecraft books. There is redstone
    and pickaxe and sord. i like redstone. There
    is this guy herobrine i read about him. he,s rude.
    People build big houses and mansions
    and i built one it was worth it. I put traps.
    It tells you how it comes in handy.

    t is so cool i hope they have a pocket edition guide.

  12. My favorite book black beauty is a horse book. The horse want to place to place and he got wiped and hit a lot and he was treated porly and it was hard to leave his mother. When he left his mom he went to a different farm that he had got treated good the people where nice to him and he met new friends and he had good time. When had to leave his friends he went to a place the he got treded badly but he was with one of his friends where with him and when they were going to pool a wagon the women said rase there heads higher and after a lot of times and his friend got really mad at themand ran and a peice of wood hit Back Beauty and hurt his legs. one day he went out with one of the women’s men went out to town and at night the man was so tired that when he tried to ride Back beauty he fell of his and the man got hurt and Black beauty got . After that he got sold to a por family but they still took care of him they worked as a horse trailer stan and when they where going to move into the contrey and they sold him

  13. my favorite book is goosebumps the one i am reading is called the werewolf of fever swamp the characters names are Emily and Grady they moved to Florida on Christmas vacation. the one day they went for a walk and Emily did not want to go but her dad made her go and Grady and Emily went for a walk near the swamp and Emily was looking at gnats and wen she looks at them they make her itch just for looking at them. Emily asked if they could turn around but Grady said no and they walked a little farther the farther it got really pretty. thn Emily wanted to go get her camera Grady said yes and he waited for a while then she came back with her camera and took some pictures and after Emily was done taking pictures. they went farther Emily kept taking pictures cause it was really pretty and wen they got farther they turned around. wen they turned around they for got they way home and they got lost so they tried getting home trying different path’s then they tried the one that they did not do and it was the way back home wen they were walking home a green lizard slithered close to Grady’s sandals. Grady wanted to go farther but they were close to home then Emily agreed to go farther and they did and they got to a spot that looked like a pond but then they realized it was quicksand. wen they were about to run to hand touched Grady started to fall in Emily grabbed Grady and wen she caught him Emily said gotcha she cried holding him around the waist holding him so Grady would not fall in.Grady said hey let go he said that in anger cause he was mad e said you almost pushed me into the quicksand.Grady said that he gets a’s in is class and Emily gets b’s so then he said who is the smart one now. you should read the book and find out what happens next.

  14. my favorite book is Junie b. Jones is a party animal. the setting is Lucille’s Nannas house. at the beginning Junie b. go’s to school and see’s her friend Lucille and her grandma. in the middle she goes to Lucille nannas house for a sleep over. the carreters are Junie b., grace, Lucille, mother, and Lucille’s nanna. you should read this because Junie b. is crazy and fun.

  15. Cora My Favorite Book Is Junie B. Jones And a little Monkey Business It Is My Favorite Book Because She thinks Her Baby brother/sister Is a real Monkey. She toled her class And Meanie Jim/ Just Jim He Does not Belive Junie B. Jones Because she said that her brother/sister is a Real Live Monkey But Jim don’t Belive Juinie B. Jones Because a Baby brother/ sister cant be a real monkey. Jim and Junie B. Jones Start Fighting Back and Fourth Together and then her Teacher said to her to Sit Down Now and she did so do that and sat down. Wen, she came home her parents were in the hospital With her grandma. But her Grandpa Was There to take care of Her a while Till Her Mom has the baby. This is my favorite book because I Love Baby’s and it Just makes Me feel Good Inside.

  16. problem: going to the pool. I can go in the big pool. but my brother has to go in the little pool. i will scrap my knee. so i can’t go in the little pool and have fun with my brother. i really want to have fun with my brother. and he wants to play with me. but we fixed it we still go to the pool. but we go to the beach still. they are both fun.

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