Favorite Book 2017

Our Favorite Books for 2017

What is your favorite book?  Provide at least 3 details about the character, plot, and setting, but don’t give away the ending!  Why should your friends read it?

22 thoughts on “Favorite Book 2017

  1. my favoret book of 2017 is magic treehouse 18 buflo’s befor berekfast 18 is my favorot book in evry book they go threw time and complete a misstion and get something for morgan the magic libary master that colects books threw time anne and jack figger out a misstion to become master liberyin’s

  2. I like diary whimpy kid book they are amazing because it gives a lot of Expirnce. to me for these books it is helping learn better words that i didn,t know they make great book of them. every love how it is aswome because of the book fair. i hope they make more next year. because a lot of the books have amazing drawings in the Story i love that is a Chapter book it makes my reading go better because a lot of it helps me learn more. it makes my ideas make book like that every book i get it because it has a lot of Details from the story. to make me draw like the Athour and writer there book are amazing they make it relay cool in 2017 i was reading the diarrhea whimpy kid Dubble door down. it was amazing in it even all the other ones it makes my brain good and better to read my brother gave me his books they also helped me. when i read i all redy read the books they were awsome. i did writings about it it was awsome when i did it took hard work i kept on Praticeing on it thats all make more books.

  3. My faveroite book is Key Hunters the Mysterious Moonstone.So what hapens is evan the libarian is doing some thing mesteryes and cleo thinks she is just shelving book’s. than evan gose in the back of the library and see’s libarian puling a book down.Then a book shelf agenst the wall moved.The libarian did not nodes and the kids went in.When they found a not it was from the old libarian it said.Libarians speak in hushed voices of a magical libary that sweeps readers off to different werlds.I never imagined the legends were true or that one would be right under the school. P.S if this is even I segest you find a friend Because you are fragle.Then even scremed I am not fragle. then they go in to a book and find a ferench bull dog all it siad was woof.They fond a yong boy stading thare.He was with the FBI.

  4. My favorite book is the Lorax. He cuts down a tree
    in a beautiful grass land. Then the lorax comes out
    a stump.Then lorax dues not like the person because
    he did not stop cutting dawn the trees. So the lorax
    poot the mans bed in the rifer then thay.

  5. My favorite book is Dear Dumb Diary because the character is really funny.The plot is everybody makes fun of her.The setting is home and school.It’s an awesome book and I love to read it when i’m bored.

  6. My favorite book is Megatooth. There is a lot of facs in it like a megalodon weighs 50 to 70 tuns and a t rex weighs 5 to 7 tuns. A megalodon is 50 feet long and a t rex is 45 feet long. You should read it. I like it a lot.

  7. My favorite book is Bad Kitty Bath Days because it is funny . I love the part where
    bad kitty destroys the house . I also like the part when bad kitty turns into the queen.

  8. My favorite book is I Survived. It is about this kid surviving all these shark attacks and some of his friends have been in shark attacks too.

  9. My favorite book is The Class Election from The Black Lagoon.So Hubie wants to run for president, but a girl named Doris also is running for president. So he puts up a lot of posters so people will vote for him . He forgot that it was just was the class election and Doris did the same thing so she can be president too.But they’re very nice to each other.

  10. My book that I love is Pets. In the beginning,in Miss Baddy’s pet store just last week the pets began to squawk and squeak. They were trying to see who is the best in Miss Baddy’s love list pet competition. The puppies,the kittens,the bunnies,the guinea pigs,the hamsters all want to win,and I do not want to tell you who is the winner!But I will give you a hint. It starts with ev and it ends with one?

  11. My favorite book is Charlie Mcbutton because it is very funny. But it’s cool to. It starts in Charlie Mcbutton in’s room.Then the power went out.Then he ran around the house looking for a video game. Then he ripped his sisters doll and took the batteries.

  12. My favorite book is Queen Clarion’s Secret
    It is a disney and a mysterious book to.
    this is a fiction book and it is really fun to
    read wen it is bored you can read it. The setting
    is pixie hollow and the forest the caricterst are
    fairy’s and it is about Queen Clarion was missing
    and that was the fun part. And then the
    three fairy lily and beck, prilla follow the
    clues. The Queen left behind and they fund
    a high tree in the forest. And prilla’s friends
    said the Queen is some were hear and she
    was down there in a peart place and she was
    fine and happy and in paese then the fairy’s
    were happy to see the Queen ok in the
    forest. And the Queen was happy to see

  13. My favorite Book is horses are my favorite animals. I read a lot about them. The setting is at a barn. And it is funny. You should read it.And a person take cares of it.

  14. also I really like a diary of a wimpy kid the
    characters are sibling’s are Rodrick and manny
    and his parent’s and his friend rolly

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