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Jack Werner – IT Internship

Hello, my name is Jack Werner and I am currently doing an internship with Garden Spot IT Department. I was very fortunate to be able to work there and that my internship is in Garden Spot High School. My internship has made me experience what it would look like if I continue my career path. It’s been such an amazing experience and I have been enjoying every second of it. My mentor Mr. Bowman is a Garden Spot Desktop Support Specialist and he has been showing me what he does on a daily basis. He also has teached me a lot of new skills and information in the technology field. The workers there are very friendly and love to teach me things they know about technology. Now let me give you an insight of what I do on a daily basis at my internship.

When I go to my internship, my main job is to repair student’s or teacher’s laptops. Now I can repair physical things like putting a new keyboard in or replacing a broken screen. But I cannot do anything internet or system based since it is all run by Mr. Bowman. He usually shows me what he does when there is an issue with the laptop that I can’t fix and that he is only able to do, and it is very interesting and makes it worthwhile to watch. Sometimes I help at the tech support desk where students and members of Garden Spot will come to get help. It usually depends on how busy it is or something that I could fix right away and return to the student or member so we didn’t have to lend a loaner to them. Sometimes it is busy but not all the time, so I’d have to wait for repairs to come in or work on ones that came in when I left for the day.

I also tend to shadow or assist Mr. Bowman with teacher tech requests. These requests tend to occur when there is something in a teacher’s classroom that doesn’t work or that needs to be replaced. For example, there was a time when a teacher’s podium wasn’t working and connecting to her laptop. So we had to bring a new HDMI cable and tested it to make sure that it wasn’t the podium. Another example would be that there was another time where one of the school printers wasn’t working, so Mr. Bowman showed me where we could find what was wrong with it, and then I assisted him with replacing the part that needed to be fixed. Currently, I have just recently just started working on a new project which made me excited, which is assigning brand new laptops for Garden Spot teachers! My job is to put ID stickers on the laptops which will then go into the system and that helps Mr. Bowman and his other co-workers know where the laptops are, if they are out or assigned to someone. Then there are a few teachers that are signed up to drop off their old laptops and receive new ones, and I will have to put stickers with their names on the laptop, their charger, and the box. It ain’t much, but Mr. Bowman and his co-workers appreciate it!

Overall, this so far has been such an amazing experience for me, this is exactly what I want to do for my career. I’ve learned so much from this experience as far as how I should handle technology and learn more about technology. Most importantly, it helped me with my social skills. I feel more confident in myself and can talk to people that I don’t know more now! But yes, this is exactly what I want to do when I get a full-time job and I don’t plan changing ideas even though I’m doing this internship. Even when the internship ends, I plan to go fully ahead into this career. I appreciate everyone that has helped me to get this far, and I hope for even greater success in the future!


jhackman • May 22, 2023

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