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Grace McCarty – Elementary Education Internship

Hello! My name is Grace McCarty and I am currently interning at Brecknock Elementary. Each day I am with Julie Muhr’s third-grade class. I am still unsure of what I would like to study in college. However, I have always been interested in teaching education and I love working with kids. I attend my internship about three days each week for about two and a half hours each day. When it comes to my internship I get to work on a range of things from teaching the kids to laminating paper to grading assignments, and supporting the students.

Each day when I walk into the classroom the students are partaking in a whole group. During this time I complete simple tasks for Mrs. Muhr. This ranges from stapling spelling words, cutting lamination, organizing take-home books, stapling book orders, and more. Some days I help out Mrs. Miller and Miss. Das who are the other third-grade teachers. During this time I assist wherever my help is needed. After large groups, we move on to small groups and iSpartan. Throughout this time I get the opportunity to work with the students. I typically pull 2-4 students to play an educational game. We focus on topics such as finding the main idea, reading details, comparing fractions, and learning our shapes. This time is spent for the students to get extra practice and for me to assist them when needed.

Overall, this experience has made a large impact on me. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a teacher. I am still unsure if this will lead to my future career, however, I love working with the students daily. It is a very rewarding internship and I enjoy making a difference in the students’ lives. This opportunity has taught me responsibility, patience, communication, adaptability, empathy, and listening skills. These skills will continue to impact me in my future educational journey and career.

I am thankful to be able to work with such a lovely group of third graders. They are hardworking students and have made my internship a wonderful experience. I am excited to continue working with the students. The skills and knowledge I have gained will forever make an impact on me!



jhackman • April 24, 2023

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