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Hunter Weaver – Laborer Co-Op

I am Hunter Weaver, a senior at Garden Spot High School. School has never been my thing and I was trying to find a way that I can leave school for work.  That is when I discovered the co-op program. When I got into the class for my senior year I wanted to find a job that was hands-on and hard work. I went to Country Lane Gazebos because they had a lot of job openings. Country Lane is located in New Holland. My daily job duties change from day to day. It all depends on where they need someone in the production line. That is one of the best things about the job, I’m never doing the same thing all the time. I enjoy moving around and learning new things.

One project I’m doing at work is redoing the front of the shop and making the flower beds look nicer and giving the building a better appearance. When my boss Merv asked me if I wanted to be overseeing this, I was very excited. It was a big undertaking. This project is going to take between 2 and 3 months to complete. I am hoping to move to an install crew in the second semester. This will give me even more experience. I have grown so much in this experience from learning all the jobs in the shop and overseeing a project. This has really helped me get a good picture of what life is going to be like when I graduate high school in June. 

I want to give a huge thank you to Mrs. Hershey and Mrs. Hackman for running these programs and working with students like myself who want to work and get out of school. I also want to give a huge thank you to Country Lane Gazebos for partnering with Garden Spot High School’s co-op program to get kids out to work for a great company.  


jhackman • January 17, 2023

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