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Ben Keeport – Physical Therapy Internship

My name is Ben Keeport, I am an intern at NovaCare Rehabilitation for physical therapy. I chose to pursue this opportunity because I wanted to make sure this career was right for me before I spent the money in college. With help from my mentor, Janelle Sevilla, I am getting the chance to preview the field of PT.

I attend my internship twice a week for 3 hours at a time, 9:15-12:30. When I arrive, I report to Janelle and she usually has something for me to do. Even though I’m generally busy during my time at NovaCare, there are some gaps where I have nothing to do. These gaps are when I ask my questions. My questions are usually related to whichever patient Janelle has that hour, and I try to have some follow-up questions for her once she answers the original question.

Patients are usually seen for an hour at a time, at the beginning of each hour I go to the lobby and bring back all the patients for that hour. I assign them each a PT and then shadow Janelle and whichever patient she was assigned. Near the end of the hour, I get what we call modalities. These are things like heat pads, electrical stimulation, and ice packs. First, I see what Janelle needs, then I ask the rest of the employees. Then once the patients are dismissed, the next hour begins and the process repeats.

Overall, I am so grateful for this program through the school and for NovaCare for making this happen. I encourage all high school students to look into an internship that might interest them. I’ve already learned so much by spending time with these professionals in their fields, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity.


jhackman • December 19, 2022

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