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Will Culbert – Engineering Internship

Hello, my name is Will Culbert and I am an Engineering Intern at Case New Holland Industrial. Before my internship, I wanted to explore engineering and see if I would enjoy it. I did not have any idea which type of engineering I wanted to pursue. CNHi has been able to move me around to different departments and show me many various types of engineering.

So far, I have seen the management side of engineering, I have been in many of the labs, and I have been with design engineers. I have worked with Agriculture Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Technicians, Electrical Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Software Test Engineers, Systems Engineers, and more. I learned that the degree you choose does not define what kind of engineering you are put into or which skills you learn.

For the majority of my time at CNHi I have been in various labs. Before my internship, I did not understand how important testing is in the design process. The testing side of engineering is made up of all types of engineers each in a unique lab. One of the labs which I enjoyed was the Fatigue lab. The fatigue lab takes each newly designed part and builds a structure where various MTS machines apply loads to the part in different directions for different amounts of time. The point of the lab is to see if a part can handle being on a machine, and if I will hold up for the life of the machine. This testing allows the engineers to fix their machine before it is even put together, and the testing they do in a week can reflect the fatigue a part goes through in years.

This internship has been great for me to learn more about CNHi and engineering as a whole. My understanding of the industry increases exponentially every time I walk in, and I am blessed to be around so many smart and helpful people. Because of the internship, I know that the four years or more I spend at college will be well worth the time and effort. I would like to thank my supervisor at CNHi, Mr. Ben Heiser, and Mrs. Hackman for giving me the opportunity to have this internship.


jhackman • November 15, 2021

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