Visit to Earth.

Hi, Im Gleep Glorp the alien. I was sent to earth to visit a couple of places and report back to Master LingMing. I have chosen 3 places to visit, and I am aloud to tell anyone, so I am going on Martionblog to tell you this. The three places I will be visiting in this post are “The Statue of Liberty, Hawaii, and Disney World.” Maybe I can get a few photos too, but it will be hard.

The first place Master LingMing wanted me to visit is The Statue Of Liberty. I went inside the torch and I went in the head. The stairs were so hard to climb. I had to take a break halfway up. But anyway i would definitely go there. They have pizza too. I didnt know what pizza was untill someone said “Hey, man, try a slice of pizza, you look hungry.” So I bought it with my munwey. (Oh I dont know how to pronounce it, it is actually money.) But you can also go inside Lady Liberty and get some pictures, or see a nice view. It was hard to get a picture there, im sorry but I didnt get any photos.

Next place I visited was Hawaii. It has a nice beach, cool food/drinks, and a great sunset view. I always wanted to go to Hawaii since I was a little Hatchling. It was my dream to go to the beach and swim. I think people should go there. It does cost a lot of Munwey. (Again, Money) I also had to pay for the plane ride. But it is great for sunset views. Well, off to my next destination, Walt Disney World.

Wow! I didn’t know how cool it was in Florida! I got to ride roller coasters, 3D Rides, and also this thing called a tram. A tram is a car that flys in the air. It was awesome. I also went on “Runaway Train.” Its a great roller coaster. I defiantly suggest you come to this place. thousands of rides, all in one place. Also, You can eat too. I bought a pizza with my muney (close) and got a slurshie. (slushie) I now will return home and give this to master LingMing and post in on MartianBlog. Thanks for reading.



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