Blog Prompt 5/2

Tyler And Derek: How does visual information help the reader to understand scientific and technical texts?


Derek: When I read technical texts I need pictures because I can’t visualize it without pictures. I also can do them without pictures. I need pictures sometimes, but sometimes I don’t. I would recommend you to use pictures when you are reading a technical text. I would also recommend to have a real picture instead of a fake picture. Then you know what it actually looks like.


Tyler: When I read technical texts, I need pictures. I cant tell what they are doing unless there are pictures. I dont understand how people dont learn visual. I read books without pictures, but it is hard to understand. I need to learn using pictures and maybe even real pictures. It doesn’t have to be a fictional picture, it can be a real picture. If im reading a text on Niagra Falls, I would need a picture. Im definitely not a regular learner, I need a picture of some sort.


Tyler: Scientific text, I can learn without pictures. I can learn without pictures. I know all of earths layers, but I did learn them with pictures. I wanted to try and learn them without any pictures, but I had too. In my science book, we usually learn about the earths layers. It would help if you can learn them with pictures, but then you try and study them without pictures. In tests, there is no pictures so I would study them without pictures.


Derek: Scientific texts can help me visualize the earth’s layers. I do need visualize learning because it helps me think a lot better. Like in a book there is a picture of the earth’s layers and I study it and let’s say I have a test coming up about earth’s layers I can just think of the picture that I studied. I can also imagine that in a test I would definitely need to study without pictures.

Week 8 Blog Challenge Commenting.

I love to comment on other peoples blogs. I can comment on posts I really like and I can visit other peoples blogs. I can also get some ideas from there post, so I leave a comment too. I use the method “STAR, WISH ,WONDER.” I also comment on my friends and classmates blogs. I really like to use wish, so I can say what they could’ve added. I also like to see people from different countrys  commenting on my blog. Maybe even different states. I love commenting and getting comments back to me.

Week 9 Blog Challenge My Future.

When I grow up, I really want to be a video game designer. I want to work for a company that produces sports games called “2K.” They have made almost all of the NBA games. I cant wait for “NBA 2K17” to come out. But I love playing video games and I would really love to design them. You get to get live looks of how everything’s done, test the game out before it comes out, and also, you get to customize what you want the character to look like. I dont know why I want to become a video game designer, but I think it seems like fun. My other plan is going to the NBA. I highly doubt I will go to the NBA, but it is a dream of mine. I also want to work as a game designer because sometimes, you get to meet actual NBA superstars. I would really like to meet Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Or maybe even a legend. I would like to be character designer. I am hoping to design games in my future.

Blog Prompt “1-5 Chapters number the stars.”

Tyler Murphy: Blue Derek Kurtz: pink


  I would be really scared because they are German Soldiers and they could have took them to and kidnapped them and they could have also died and If I were them I would have walked not run because they probably thought that they were running away from the other soldiers.I would also be Scared because If i were a Jew back then, they would of noticed the little star on my necklace. Also i would not even be running, i would’ve said no to Annmarie and walked and talked. It was a horrible decision to do that.  


I think it affected the plot a lot. It could have been much worse if they saw the necklace star of David. I would hate it so bad if I ran into those german soldiers. I would also run away without order and just go before they could say anything. I wouldn’t be running in the first place, I really dont like Annemarie.
It is very hard to imagine being in that situation. I would definitely not go near those soldiers, I would take the back route like they do now. I would also Stay away like they do now, and never ever go near them again.

Visit to Earth.

Hi, Im Gleep Glorp the alien. I was sent to earth to visit a couple of places and report back to Master LingMing. I have chosen 3 places to visit, and I am aloud to tell anyone, so I am going on Martionblog to tell you this. The three places I will be visiting in this post are “The Statue of Liberty, Hawaii, and Disney World.” Maybe I can get a few photos too, but it will be hard.

The first place Master LingMing wanted me to visit is The Statue Of Liberty. I went inside the torch and I went in the head. The stairs were so hard to climb. I had to take a break halfway up. But anyway i would definitely go there. They have pizza too. I didnt know what pizza was untill someone said “Hey, man, try a slice of pizza, you look hungry.” So I bought it with my munwey. (Oh I dont know how to pronounce it, it is actually money.) But you can also go inside Lady Liberty and get some pictures, or see a nice view. It was hard to get a picture there, im sorry but I didnt get any photos.

Next place I visited was Hawaii. It has a nice beach, cool food/drinks, and a great sunset view. I always wanted to go to Hawaii since I was a little Hatchling. It was my dream to go to the beach and swim. I think people should go there. It does cost a lot of Munwey. (Again, Money) I also had to pay for the plane ride. But it is great for sunset views. Well, off to my next destination, Walt Disney World.

Wow! I didn’t know how cool it was in Florida! I got to ride roller coasters, 3D Rides, and also this thing called a tram. A tram is a car that flys in the air. It was awesome. I also went on “Runaway Train.” Its a great roller coaster. I defiantly suggest you come to this place. thousands of rides, all in one place. Also, You can eat too. I bought a pizza with my muney (close) and got a slurshie. (slushie) I now will return home and give this to master LingMing and post in on MartianBlog. Thanks for reading.



Week 7 Blog challenge Soothing Image



I am going to write a paragraph about this soothing Photo. I did it myself, and I know it looks weird, but the colors make it soothing. At least that’s how I feel. I feel like this could get rid of stress. You can do it yourself by going to  . I love drawing on weave silk, and I think it would calm your mind too. You can use 6 colors and different choices for how you want to color. I really really think its a great website for a soothing, calm image. It can also help with getting rid of stress.

Blog challenge week 6

I am about to show you the top 5 foods in the U.S.A!

  1. Pizza. Pizza is a common food in New York. Pizza is usually made with dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. But you can add toppings, like pepperoni, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, or maybe even more mozzarella cheese! In my opinion, pizza is one of the best foods in the U.S.A. If you have never eaten pizza, do it now! Some pizza places are ” Brooklyn Slice of Pizza, Pizza Hut, Slice of Italy, Palermo Pizza, and even Papa Johns.”                                                                                             

2. Its not rally a meal, but its a side, and that is BACON! Bacon is one of my all time favorite sides. Thank you pigs for scarifying your lives for us. There is also turkey bacon, so thanks turkeys. But anyway you could get bacon for breakfast pretty much anywhere. Fast food (at breakfast time.) gives you bacon or sausage usually. But I always pick bacon. You can buy bacon from almost every store. Including “Shady Maple.” I love bacon and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you go try it.

3. Hot Dogs. Hot dogs are the best. Hot Dogs may look gross with those weird toppings, or maybe no toppings. But they are really really good. I eat about 2 every time we have them. I put mustard on them but you can put ketchup, relish, or anything really. Sometimes I use hot sauce or barbecue sauce. I think you should come get a hot dog in the U.S.A.

4. Donuts, Good old donuts. I love donuts and I wish I was living in a land full of them. I like cream filled or sprinkled donuts. One time I had a bacon donut. It was so good. But I like vanilla icing, not chocolate. It seems weird to like donuts, I dont know why. Maybe because after you eat one, you cant resist another. But in conclusion, you have to try donuts, or maybe, if you dont like donuts, maybe you’ll like my next topic.

5. My last and final topic is………. ICE CREAM! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. I also like peanut butter swirl. But my whole family likes vanilla, so I rarely eat mint chocolate chip or peanut butter swirl. But i think you would like any flavor. Just to be clear, these are not in order from favorite to least favorite. Thanks for reading.

OKC Thunder week 5 blog challenge

So i love basketball and my favorite team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. (Or OKC Thunder.) My top three favorite players are on this list. My number one is #35, Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant might leave the thunder for free agency, but that won’t stop me from liking him. He has 28.1 points per game, 8.3 rebounds per game, and 7.6 assists per game. My second favorite is Russel Westbrook. Westbrook is a posterizer and a really good  dunker, and he is only 6’3! He loves passing and hes the number one rebounding point guard in the NBA. He averages a double double! He averages 23.6 points per game, 10.4 assists per game, and 7.8 rebounds per game. My third and last favorite is Serge Ibaka. Serge ibaka is not having a great season, but he is still a great 3 point shooter and a great player. Serge Ibaka blocks a lot, so they call him “Serge Iblocka!” He averages 12.7 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 1.6 assists.


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Week 4 Blog challenge 3 places to tour in PA.

1 The number 1 place to visit is Hershey park. It is located in 100 Hershey park, PA. Hershey park is an amusement park where kids can ride rides, its also good for adults. I think Hershey Park is a great place to go if your touring PA. I think you should go there even if your not touring PA. They also have chocolate samples and they make chocolate!

Magic Peanut Butter Middles Emily Carlin via Compfight


2 The second place to visit is Spring Gulch. It is a campsite with mini golf, game room, and concession  store. I went there about a year ago and it was pretty awesome. I loved playing mini golf, I got 2 hole in 1’s. I loved staying there for a couple of nights. It was fun and my friends came too. There is also a pool and a basketball court. I loved staying at spring gulch and you will too.

Image result for spring gulch Map of Spring Gulch.



3 The last place is Knobels. I had a lot of fun camping a Knobles. It is a campground / amusement park. I would go there 3 times if I was aloud to. Knobels is a great place to go if your visiting PA. I also think its good if you like camping.