Thankful to me means……..

I think thankfulness means a lot. You have to have thankfulness in order to be living. You cant just be spoiled in life. So I am very thankful for a lot of stuff and you should be too. I am very thankful for my life, house, games, family, and friends. I’m so glad to have even more. That is to me what Thankful means

Best invention

I think the best invention of all time is basketball. James Naismith invented the basketball. first it was a peach bucket on a pole and you’d have to get a little ball in. the peach baskets had holes in them. Basketball today has nets, rims, and it actually bounces. But i’m really glad James Naismith invented basketball or i would have no sport to play. Thank you James Naismith for all your hard work, I know everyone loves basketball


All about Tyler

Hello my name is Tyler. I love playing sports, playing outside, vacation. and of course video games. My favorite food is Pizza or Tacos. My favorite soda is Root Beer. Pugs are my favorite animal in the whole world. My favorite sports are ¬†basketball/ football. My favorite basketball team is Oklahoma City Thunder, and my favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. 3:16 all the way (<—-birthday) 11 about to be 12.