Blog Prompt “1-5 Chapters number the stars.”

Tyler Murphy: Blue Derek Kurtz: pink


  I would be really scared because they are German Soldiers and they could have took them to and kidnapped them and they could have also died and If I were them I would have walked not run because they probably thought that they were running away from the other soldiers.I would also be Scared because If i were a Jew back then, they would of noticed the little star on my necklace. Also i would not even be running, i would’ve said no to Annmarie and walked and talked. It was a horrible decision to do that.  


I think it affected the plot a lot. It could have been much worse if they saw the necklace star of David. I would hate it so bad if I ran into those german soldiers. I would also run away without order and just go before they could say anything. I wouldn’t be running in the first place, I really dont like Annemarie.
It is very hard to imagine being in that situation. I would definitely not go near those soldiers, I would take the back route like they do now. I would also Stay away like they do now, and never ever go near them again.

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