Authors attitude


Joel: Black, Tyler Mu.: Blue, Derek: red

The author’s attitude of the story can be good or bad. The good side of an author’s attitude is when he or she writes happy thoughts, happy feelings, or express good things about themselves. The bad side is when they write bad thoughts or sad feelings. When they are talking about good feelings, They usually write fiction or a good historic book, not a sad, lonely book.


If the author’s attitude is mad he will write he will add words like he is mad or screaming or other words. The author’s feelings can also be sad. He would write sad things and put sad things at the end so people will start to cry when they read it. When the author’s feelings are sad he can put death in the story. When people watch or read about death they cry a lot.


Some people write about happy thoughts or feelings. In a story they put things about people getting together and also having christmas or having a good time. When people are mad in the story they would put mad thoughts in it and They would put things like people having fights and  beating each other up.
If the author attitude it jealous he will put in jealous thoughts like if in a story a kid got a videogame that the other kid wanted the kid that wanted it but did not get it would be jealous.  But you could also show respect for their new game by helping them set it up or helping them play it. You could tell them instructions to the game, or you could just help them out a little. I think that is what respect would be like when it comes to video games.Another way of writing respect is if like tyler said if someone needs help with something you can help them and that is respect.       

Fiction (TYLER MU.)

Fiction can come to life sometimes, just like historical fiction or realistic fiction.  Fiction can bring imaginary ideas to life by writing a story that has imaginary ideas in it.   Just like “A Woman’s Courage” it could come to life. “ A Woman’s Courage” is about a man who is going to travel to the center of the earth and his fiance does not want to leave him.  

Another book about fiction that could come to life is hatchet. Hatchet is about  a boy named Brian who crashes a plane and needs to survive in the wild until someone finds him.  Hatchet could come alive, that has probably happened a couple of times in the world but in this book, it is all fake characters. He meets some animals and they attack him and he has to survive that to.This one part, he has to go down into the lake to get the hatchet he dropped and almost died. At the end of the story a pilot finds him and takes him home again.  

The last book we have for you is “Where The Red Fern Grows.” It is about a boy who is a coon hunter and he buys some dogs to help him.They found a ghost (White) coon and when they were trying to get it, his friend was running with an axe and fell and killed himself. That is how fiction can bring imaginary ideas to life.