Blog challenge week 6

I am about to show you the top 5 foods in the U.S.A!

  1. Pizza. Pizza is a common food in New York. Pizza is usually made with dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. But you can add toppings, like pepperoni, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, or maybe even more mozzarella cheese! In my opinion, pizza is one of the best foods in the U.S.A. If you have never eaten pizza, do it now! Some pizza places are ” Brooklyn Slice of Pizza, Pizza Hut, Slice of Italy, Palermo Pizza, and even Papa Johns.”                                                                                             

2. Its not rally a meal, but its a side, and that is BACON! Bacon is one of my all time favorite sides. Thank you pigs for scarifying your lives for us. There is also turkey bacon, so thanks turkeys. But anyway you could get bacon for breakfast pretty much anywhere. Fast food (at breakfast time.) gives you bacon or sausage usually. But I always pick bacon. You can buy bacon from almost every store. Including “Shady Maple.” I love bacon and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you go try it.

3. Hot Dogs. Hot dogs are the best. Hot Dogs may look gross with those weird toppings, or maybe no toppings. But they are really really good. I eat about 2 every time we have them. I put mustard on them but you can put ketchup, relish, or anything really. Sometimes I use hot sauce or barbecue sauce. I think you should come get a hot dog in the U.S.A.

4. Donuts, Good old donuts. I love donuts and I wish I was living in a land full of them. I like cream filled or sprinkled donuts. One time I had a bacon donut. It was so good. But I like vanilla icing, not chocolate. It seems weird to like donuts, I dont know why. Maybe because after you eat one, you cant resist another. But in conclusion, you have to try donuts, or maybe, if you dont like donuts, maybe you’ll like my next topic.

5. My last and final topic is………. ICE CREAM! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. I also like peanut butter swirl. But my whole family likes vanilla, so I rarely eat mint chocolate chip or peanut butter swirl. But i think you would like any flavor. Just to be clear, these are not in order from favorite to least favorite. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Blog challenge week 6

  1. Hi Tyler,

    This is a great blog post.

    I really like the way you pay your respects to the animals you have eaten. It shows a lot of empathy.

    I love bacon too.

    Your descriptions of the donuts were great. I don’t like donuts but I really like ice-cream 🙂

    I’ve never had peanut butter swirl. Do you think I should try it?

    I’m looking forward to your next blog post.


    1. Thank you Mrs. White. I am waiting for my new free write to come out, its called “Visit to Earth.” I think you will like this story. I dont want to spoil anything but my name, and my name in the story is GleepGlorp. I hope you keep reading and commenting on my blog. Thank you for doing so.

  2. Hello my name is Henry, I live in New Zealand plz come and check out my sweet as blog mate.
    XD XD

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